Resound Custom using Resound One platform

Resound just announced a new custom hearing aid called Resound Custom. I beieve this is based on the Resound One platform. Looks more like a earbud than a hearing aid. The new custom HA is rechargeable, waterproof, and has tap feature for answering calls. Not much other specs are available at this time. It will be available at the end of the month.

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As long as I can get my headphones over them…

This is a very interesting development and many of you skimmed by this post. It looks like Resound is combining custom fitted rechargeablev Bluetooth hearing aid technology with the technology from their Jabra wireless headphone division. If these new hearing aids provide equal or better hearing aid functionality than my Resound Quattro BTEs but also provide much higher sound fidelity for music and streaming in a custom ITE configuration, this may be a game changer. Add to this list no more crap behind your ear, water resistance, dual microphones, push to answer and the ability to speak through the hearing aid microphones and I’d definitely upgrade

Real question is the specs and whether they include all the sound processing functionality of the Resound One platform.

Anyone have any further details on fitting range and features?

Here is the link with more details:


I have an order in for the Resound Custom ITE hearing aids. What I understand is the sales is restricted to a few countries for now and expanding later. The fitting range is from mild to severe hearing loss. The specs I saw had the same features as the resound one platform.
Here is the link to the datasheets

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Hi TimP,

Thanks for the info. I just connected with my audiologist and he confirmed that Resound will be releasing the new Custom later in the summer here is Canada. I’m going to be patient #1 to try them out as soon as they are available.

What intrigues me about these hearing aids is that they offer the full Resound One premium hearing aid functionality (including, rechargeable, dual microphones, Ultrafocus, multiple programs and full Made for iPhone connectivity) in the Jabra wireless earbuds format. If these things offer both a premium hearing aid experience AND a premium wireless earbuds experience in a single package, I would gladly buy them. I’ve been wearing mini-BTE’s with RICs for years (now wearing Resound Quattro’s) but I’ve always felt that while they are excellent hearing aids, they are very mediocre when it comes to music and streaming. I’m hoping that these new Customs will finally bridge the gap between the two worlds (hearing aids vs earbuds).


So what will people who buy the Customs - Resound One - be missing in comparison with the latest Resound Omnia platform?

Apart from the 150% increase of speech understanding, for which Resound give no info as to what is that compared with, or how it is measured.

Anyone have the new Resound Customs ear bud type HA? Your thoughts please.

I have the Resound Custom half shell HA and they are a step up from my previous Resound Linx 3d HA.
Better sound quality, better speech understanding and better connection for streaming then previously.
I tried the hands free phone call a couple of times and it works pretty good. These are rechargeable versions so they look a little bigger then disposable custom HA, and look like ear buds. If you are looking for discreet looks go for a disposable custom HA

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How do they sit in your year? Do they slip out?
I have no clue how to test them just because my audi said I must pay everything BEFORE as its custom … :expressionless:

They fit in my ear good. It looks like wearing earbuds but with a custom fit. I did have to have one of them reshelled because the fit was a little tight. Be sure they fit comfortable in the ear. If they do not they can be reshelled to make a better fit. It is OK if you request a reshell of the hearing aids if the fit is uncomfortable. They sound great but everyone’s hearing is different. Good luck.

Thank you, appreciate your answer!
Could you trial them as free of charge?

Check wiht your audi. I had to pay upfront but got a 45 day trial. If I returned them within 45 days I had to pay $300 for the custom made and would get the balance of what I paid back. Or if I chose another brand of hearing aid the amount I paid for the Resound would go toward the other brand. The other brand worth trying is the Phonak Virto which is a custom disposable battery version.

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