Resound Aventa 3.10

Hi there,
I’ve just installed Aventa 3.10,prior to receiving aids ( resound linx2). I have NoahLink Wireless, and expected that at least I can see what fitting screens look like. But, There is nothing except for what is shown at the photo. I understand that fitting is impossible without aids , but all with all other softwares ( been using phonak, siemens, widex and oticon software so far), I could play with it even before connecting aids. All I can do is creating audiogram. Am I missing something?

Isn’t it in the top right corner, Aventa icon, right click it, that should take you into the settings/simulation mode.

I,ve provided snapshot, can you show me?

Got it, thanks. Is this where programming takes place? Can I use Noahlimk Wireless? Thanks for assistance.

Yes I believe so, also the linx2 use Airlink or Airlink2, NoahLink is for 3D and Quattro.

Still haven’t got aids, but please take a look at the photos.

First one is my case, where Noahlink Wireless does not show. Second one is from instructions, showing Noahlink wireless as an option, Instructions (TECH IN A SEC – ReSound) say, version 3.10 or 3.11, I am using 3.10

But that link is for Linx 3D not Linx2 and the AirLink2 firmware update.

I guess the NoahLink could have backwards compatibility? I don’t know that for sure, I have the AirLink dongle and AirLink2 and have used them on Linx, linx2, and Linx 3D, the AirLink2 needed to have it’s firmware updated to work on the later versions.

So, you think that NoahLink wireless won’t work with Linx2?

Use the search button as in most cases your questions have been answered in another post.

But yes it seems it will.

You should try to reinstall the app or delete and reconnect mobile to the aids.