Resound 3D App

Every few days I am unable to access the Resound 3D App. It says loading profile, then tells me for security reasons I need to place the HA in the charger and follow the directions. This is redundant. Why? Twice this has happened while I’m not home where my charge is located. Is there a go-get-around for this?

What phone?

ReSound lists the phones that are compatible, for example, here: Hearing aids ReSound - Phone Compatibility - Resound Hearing Aids. My reco is to check your phone against the list.

I use Jabra Enhance Pro 10s; the Jabra app is a virtual clone of the 3D app, and the 3D app controlled my Jabras when I tried it out. WIth a Samsung S20 5G (not listed as compatible), the app was very unsatisfactory. One of the symptoms I experienced is as you describe.

I stream a lot and have to mute my phone frequently. I switched to an iphone, and it works. Everything else I use (calls, texts, notes, etc.) works better on Android (and that’s Samsung’s garbaged up Android) than on IOS.