Reprogramming second-hand Miracle-Ear hearing aids

Is there any less expensive way to get a pair of used Miracle Ear HAs reprogrammed to my hearing prescription? My local Miracle Ear service wants $500 each to reprogram.
I am already a Miracle Ear customer having purchased a pair of Genius 2.0 HAs in 2017 for $5300.

Find a different Miracle Ear office. $500 each is just plain greedy. Unfortunately, the Miracle Ear software is proprietary and only ME can do the programming even though it is actually a Signia instrument.$200-300 to program the pair would be reasonable. Some may actually do it for less but ME is not known for giving away too many services.

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More reasons why people avoid miracle ear

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An update to my previous post about having Miracle Ear HAs reprogrammed:
I found a service on Ebay that successfully did the job for $49.99.
I was initially skeptical because of the “locked” type HAs, but for $50 I thought it worth the risk.
For an additional $70, I had them replace both receivers with a more powerful set and update the firmware to the latest revision. They matched my HAs to a recent audiogram I sent along with the aids.
I could not be more satisfied with the results, I highly recommend this Service.
Just type in “Miracle Ear” in the Ebay search bar and look for the $49.99 reprogramming service

I guess if you get a copy of the software you’ll have no problem programming them yourself?..but good deal at just $49 anyway.