Replacing the receiver wire on ReSound Quattro

Hi guys, I have a resound Quattro and my receiver is faulty. Currently, I have a LP, but think I need an MP. Can I buy the MP and switch this out without reprogramming the hearing aid? Or will I need to reprogram as well? Trying to avoid a trip to the audi. Thanks in advance.

I’m pretty sure you’ll need to have the Aid reprogrammed otherwise you won’t actually be taking effect of the different receiver.


You’ll need to visit the Audiologist to reprogram the HA if you change the receiver.

If you really “need” the MP receiver, you’ll need to get hearing aids reprogrammed. Otherwise they’ll have the same gain as the LP because that’s how the hearing aids are programmed.

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You can swap like kind receivers without reprogramming. I broke one of mine and just swapped it myself. But changing to a different model requires reprogramming. I can tell you that swapping the receiver model on the Resound One won’t even power up right until you program it, so it’s not even an issue of it “not being optimal.” Even changing the dome style really requires you to run through the fitting/DFS calibration.

Fortunately, I have all the stuff to do this at home.