Replacing custom earmolds with domes on Phonak Marvel

I have had my right custom silicone Marvel mold refitted at least twice but it keeps falling out. I am considering asking my audiologist (VA) to replace both with non-custom molds. Can the audiologist do this in her office or must they go back to the company? I need them to listen to my TV and can’t put up with not having them for some two to three weeks. The hearing aids look as though the domes can be pulled off the receivers.

i get my aids from the VA and I prefer acrylic ear molds.

Maybe. I think it depends on what receiver you’re using. I’m just winging it from memory, but I think if you use their most powerful receiver that only a custom mold can be used and the receiver is built in. If you use lower power receiver, pretty sure the custom mold can be removed and replaced with a dome. With a dome, you might want to use the concha locks to help keep dome in place. Again, I’m just winging it. Anyway you can call the VA and ask?

Ok so because I am getting Marvels I have been obsessing over the documentation. From what I understand only the cShell receiver (speaker) is not replaceable buy an end user/ audiologist. If you have the cShell it has to go to the factory. If you have other Phonak molds they are replaceable in the office.

Great reference. We’re saying the same thing. Their most powerful receiver is the Ultra Power and it is available only with the C shell which is replaceable only at the factory.

Yes, your audi should be able to replace the silicone SlimTips with domes. I, a user, can swap them in seconds but you should redo the REM test and adjustment.

Yup! That’s exactly what I had on my Marvel aids with the 90 receiver. I had custom silicone earmolds made to replace my silicone power domes. But over time, the custom molds kept slipping out of my ear AND they were bigger, heavier and less comfy. I had them removed and now am back to the standard, soft, double-dome silicone dome on my Marvel aids. They work the best of anything else I’ve tried.