Replacing a Costco Future receiver tube

Aid is over 7 years old, has had a recurring problem with the tube “spinning” where it attaches to the aid. Has been repaired 3 times by Costco, once under warranty and twice for $129. This time they won’t repair it because it is over 5 years old. I know how to replace the tube and would like to do it myself. I’ve found an online source for $75 but I don’t know whether to order the NP or the HP version. Found the size (3) on the old tube but can’t find the power designation. Don’t want to ask Costco because the manager wants to sell me the Forte 8 and will really annoy me if I ask! If is an NP but I order the HP will it fit?

You might check They do repairs for $150/aid.

Ask the online source how to tell the difference between NP and HP.

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Tried that before I posted. She asked their tech, really didn’t know. Said to look with a magnifying glass, my wife and I both tried but couldn’t find anything except the size number 3. They also said I could order either one and return if it didn’t fit.

Thanks for the referral, looks good. I’ll try that unless I get a good answer on the NP vs HP thing. Would still like to know what the difference is.

Is Costco Futura the name of the hearing aid? I never heard of a Costco Futura hearing aid before?

Any chance you can upload a picture?


Normal Power think Mild-moderate
High Power severe range
Ultra Power profound loss

NP-HP-UP a progression.

All three work with RIC aids.

Thank you! That makes sense. As long as all three fit. I’ll assume it’s the HP since my hearing loss is still described as severe, expected to move toward profound as I get older. I’m already 73, how much worse can it get!

OK - it’s Future, not Futura, my mistake. It was sold a few years ago and is very similar to the Resound Alera - same size, shape and functions. I’ll figure out the picture posting feature later.

Oh, ReSound Alera. No need for a picture.

From Alera-Product-Overview

Oh, you should edit the Title of this thread to change Futura to Future.

Also it’s not a tube. It’s a wire (conductor), or the entire assembly is called a receiver.

How to replace ReSound Alera Receiver.

Thanks pvc. Knew it was a wire not a tube but it’s called a tube in lots of the places that sell them. I should have googled receiver, would have had more hits. Couldn’t figure out why it was called a tube, I guess because that’s what predominately used years ago. Anyway I’m a rookie to this forem! Love the forum by the way. It’s unusual in most forums to get multiple responses right away which is why I don’t ask questions more often. Thanks for the help.

Tube usually refers to an acoustic thin tube. It is just that, a tube. I’ve never seen the term tube referring to a receiver.

Here’s the user guide for ReSound Future. Page 5 shows the NP receiver tube and the HP receiver tube:

Your HA are at the end of the road. It’s time to purchase another pair. Costco is by far the best and cheapest place to buy.
I keep my old ones in a bag of rice as a backup.

Perfect!! Picture clearly shows that mine is the NP. Lloyd’s website mentioned above charges an extra $25 for aids 7 years or older and the warranty is for 3 months. Looking at my aid with the magnifier is an eye opener. Amazing it worked at all. I did NOT take care of it with drying and often just threw it in my pocket. I can see rust and gunk with the top opened and using the magnifier. my next aid will be treated differently to say the least. A Forte 8 is in my future. Thanks to all of you.

LOL, the user guide does call it a “tube” on page 5.

Just a quick follow up. Sent the Costco Future to Lloyd’s Hearing Aids just to see, and Remag1234 is correct, it is at the end of the road. The guy who called me from Lloyd’s was very helpful, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. New Forte 8 in the medium power range is on order from Costco.

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