Replace tubes how often?

Is there a recommended frequency for replacing the earmold tubing on a set of hearing aids?

I’m referring to tubes that have not been damaged and everything is working properly.

as long as it doesn’t cause you difficulties in hearing, cleaning or discomfort, I think it’s just fine. I just replaced mine because they were causing some hearing issues, due to the stiff tubes making the molds “leak” when it forces the mold to tilt in the ear. Once I replaced them, the sounds seem crisper and not as muffled (due to the anti-whistle technology)

There’s no set time. Tubes will get hard and loose their flexibility. You definitely want to change them then. You may also start to notice you are getting feedback, when you weren’t before. You’ll want to change them then. Look for cracking, tiny splits, etc. probably the norm is to change them 2 or 3 times a yr, but that’s up to the individual. Actually you can just change them whenever you want, but it’s not that necessary. If you feel the quality of the aid has deteriorated, sound unclear, not as loud, etc, then I would probably change the tubes and see what happens.

That’s very interesting, I sometimes wonder why I don’t seem to be getting very much from one of my aids and everything seems muddy and dull. I check and change the batteries (I need to get the warning beep changed cos with the FM shoes on the battery dies before the beeps go off) but I have quite a lot of feedback and thought that it wasn’t a big deal because it’s well controlled with the anti-feedback software, but maybe instead of the whistling I am just getting a rubbish output. I am literally on the line between thin tube and earmould.

The anti-feedback technology helps keep the whistling at a minimum, but on the other side of the coin, it also lessens the clarity of the aids, that seems to be worse as the hearing loss climbs…(mine is profound, BTW)

I have a profound loss and use canal molds where the tubing has a plastic barbed fitting so that the tube can be replaced without adhesives.

Over time: the tubing hardens and can become brittle at the bend which will cause it to crack. Also, due to aging of the tube (months in time) it also tends to close up at the area where the sound exits within the ear.

Thus, I change out the tubing myself approximately every 6 months, and before going on an extended vacation.

Can the tubing be ordered online?

Of course.

Any online sites you can suggest.

There are numerous sites; it’s easy to google for them. Here are some:

Thanks. Appreciate it.

You’re welcome. The first link is very interesting. On their resources page, there’s a pdf catalog file (at the bottom):


Very useful links. :slight_smile:

I’ve received a response to my inquiry from Microsonic-Inc; they do sell products in any quantity to individuals or the public.

Thanks for this. :slight_smile:

Do thin tubes need changing just as often as standard? Do you look for the same things? It’s already quite rigid compared to standard so not sure how to tell if it’s not flexible any more, but it does seem to have a few dents in it.

I recommend clients to:

  • change standard BTE tubes once every 6 - 9 months.

  • change thin tubes, domes and wax traps every 4 - 6 weeks.

  • change RIC cables every 12 - 18 months.

Over-ride: Change the bits as soon as they start looking broken or damaged - don’t wait!