Removing/Replacing Receiver on Starkey Halo 2 RIC 13

I was wondering if anybody has replaced the receiver on a Starkey Halo RIC 13. I ordered a replacement receiver for mine on ebay because I had damaged it, and it is not clear to me how the receiver unplugs from this HA. It’s possible it just needs a good pull but I wanted to see if anybody knows for sure (I don’t want to do any damage to them if, in fact, there is a lever or button that that unlocks the receiver from the socket).

Pretty sure that you’ll need to lever-up the front end of the mic cover.

Turns out it basically is just “give it a good pull”, dangerous as this feels. I removed the battery cover and there wasn’t an obvious lever. Ended up finding a couple of videos that helped: YouTube and Halo 2 RIC 13 | StarkeyPro (“Receiver Removal” video). I kind of wish that there was a lever and process that felt less forceful. Needed to hold the receiver wire with a shirt for it not to slip. Anyhow, thanks. Hopefully those videos help others.