Remove Batteries Before Placing HA's In Dry Aid Kits!

I happened to see the following on another HOH site and thought it would be interesting to throw out to you.

“When using a Dry Aid Kit remove the batteries from the hearing aids and set them aside. The life of a zinc air battery is reduced by exposure to the active ingredients in a dry aid kit. Leave the battery doors open. Put the hearing aids (and ear molds if applicable) into the kit. Seal the kit. Leave the hearing aids in the kit overnight. More or less drying time may be necessary depending on the amount of moisture present. Keep the kit closed at all times to extend its usable life.”

I never knew I had to remove my batteries from my HA’s when Dry Aiding them. What say you?

Shi-Ku (Never knew you had to do this.) Chishiki

First I heard of this, so I did a little search:

Both are from 2005:

So, from these articles it seems that theories have changed and it is now recommended to dry your batteries because it will extend their life. BUT, this is for the electronic dehumidifiers. I could not find anything except your article for the dry kits Shi-Ku: I have never used one of them so out of curiosity, if you leave your batteries in the kit, are they in contact with the active ingredients?

I put mine in a DRI-EZE canister every night. Leaving the batteries in has had absolutely no effect on battery life.

I got 10 days out of each size 13 battery before I started using it and I get 10 days now.

Dry and Store claims that their product extends battery life. In my experience, it certainly hasn’t shortened battery life.

I have been using Dry and Store for years with the batteries in but with the battery compartment open. I have had no problems what so ever regarding battery life.

I never removed the batteries, just leave the doors on the hearing aids open.

Looks like I learned something new today.

It sounds like the specific dry aid kit referred to may be an issue here. Also sounds like the dry and store unit does not require battery removal. My experience with the dry and store indicates removal is not necessary

The reason why I don’t remove the batteries when I put it in my Dry and Store is because, well, where would I put them without losing them?

I also leave batteries in place, doors open when using either the Dry & Store or a jar with the beads (dry aid kit?). I doubt if that has much effect on battery life. Removing, storing, and replacing them daily seems like more hassle than I need, plus I think daily plucking and plunking of the batteries might place additional strain on the swing-out door of the HA shell. If that door were to break off, the cost of repair likely would be much more than any savings on batteries.

the door on most aids just pop into place and can be replaced almost instantly. But I agree. Why go through all the hassle. Leave the batteries in and just leave the doors open.