Remote assistance for Cochlear N7 recipients

I’ve come across this very interesting article for Cochlear N7 users. As yet it’s still in the process of being rolled out around the globe. Commencing with the US, we recipients in Aus will no doubt be last yet again. It’s OK I’m just jealous… I will have to rely on all you US recipients to give me feed back on this remote assistance Cochlear have come up with.

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Given how conservative the US FDA typically is it’s refreshing to see them let stuff through the pipeline.

@phobos512 it will be very interesting to see if this is indeed a full mapping or only portions of a mapping.

I happened to be in for my 3 month follow up yesterday and discussed this with my audiologist. She said that so far they haven’t been given a lot of details yet but it may involve getting some type of intermediate device to the patient. The release also make it sound more like this will do evaluations but won’t be able to alter the mapping. So if some one has a long trip to their audiologist it could help decide whether there is a need to come in, that could be especially helpful for established patients who just want things checked periodically to make sure everything is working properly.

She did say that Cochlear has been working on remote mapping and prioritized once COVID took off. So this may be the first fruits of that. Make sure that they can do successful evaluations and then look at doing mapping.

@pathurley that makes a lot of sense. And yet last week I read an article where the British Auds were instructed by the Australian Auds on how to activate a wee baby remotely. But the article didn’t say if they did a complete mapping or just activated her so she could hear sounds.

Coronavirus: Toddler hears for the first time after aid switched on remotely by audiologists | UK News | Sky News

My guess is that is the next step, probably just ready for trials and given the circumstances they went for it, figure probably 12 to 18 months before this goes for approval. Note that is a complete guess on my part.

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