Reliably linking cell phone to bed shaker

Hello! I am a medical residency director, and one of my new residents has hearing loss such that she cannot hear her pager during sleep. Obviously this is a problem for when she’s on call! I hope it is okay that I ask here for guidance on a reliable system. There is no solution on the pager itself or with the vendor, however, the paging system can set set to refer all pages to her cell phone.

So the problem then becomes how could she be reliably woken up by a call to her cell phone. She currently uses a Sonic Bomb alarm with great success for her alarm clock, and it sounds like the accompanying bed shaking is critical element. I see that there is capability for connect a bed shaker from the same company to a cell phone via an app, however the reviews do not inspire confidence. For this purpose, reliability is KEY.

Can anyone here help us devise a reliable system to get that cell phone notice converted into bed shaking? She would be using this at home, so it doesn’t need to be portable. Thank you so much.

I use the Bellman and Symfon telephone adaptor. It connects via
Bluetooth to my phone / cell and also connects to my landline.

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Not sure if it would work for her, but I have the iPhone and Apple Watch and the watch vibrates and that wakes me.

A similar question was asked here: Looking for device that will turn on lamp when cell phone rings

My suggestion- confirmed as workable by another user- was a Mi Band and an app on the phone that tells the Mi Band to vibrate when a call comes through. Cheap and portable.

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I use the Cell Phone Ringer/Flasher by Serene with the optional bed shaker. Works like a champ. Bought on Amazon a few years ago.

This is exactly what I am looking for.
We had a Red Alert Evacuation Alert due to fire in our neighborhood early AM.
I slept through the phone call message. Thankfully an alert neighbor rousted me.
Back home after 5 days. Our house is intact & All are well.
This seems like what will do the trick. Thank you (in California) for the tip.

You bet! I’m in Information Technology and need to wake up if my phone alerts at night. This works perfect and doesn’t require Bluetooth.

What we ended up doing:

  1. I bought a commercial device (the cell phone ringer/flasher by Serene mentioned by pianoman in a comment) which she never ended up using, because …
  2. She got advice to try setting her pager to beep and vibrate, then put the pager in a metal bowl with coins in it. When the pager goes off, the vibrating rattles the coins against the metal bowl, causing a racket. The bowl also helps to amplify the pager beep. Low tech, but it’s worked for her so far!

Thank you to everyone for the comments!

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An a tad late, but I use sonic bomb as well. Just with the andoud app. Works for me as long as you are aware of a few quirks.