Regrowing Hairs in Ear Canal for Hearing Improvement


NY Times had article stating that scientists are studying how to do this in mammals, thus leading way to hearing improvement. Anyone have more information on this. Seems like this could be quite some time in the future.

George R.



Hair in ear canal:

Hair cells in cochlea:

IIRC, they had some success regrowing hair cells in mice at least a decade ago now, but good outcomes in humans are still a ways off. Still, I’m crossing my fingers for within the next decade.

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Frequency Therapeutics should report on their Phase 1/2 study in January. Regain Hearing Project moves to Phase 2 in January.



Hi George. As Neville pointed out it’s hair cells (not actual hairs) in the cochlea. Google on these terms:

hair cell regeneration, Frequency Therapeutics, Regain Hearing Project, Albert Ellis, Hough Institute, Hearing Health Foundation. That’s just to start with.

You hear wildly different forecasts as to when a treatment might become available. Ranges from a couple of years to decades. Some people around here will say ‘never’, which is fair enough because we’ve been fed news of ‘breakthroughs’ for years. I think it will happen. I’m just hoping I’ve got enough supporting cells left to work on when it does.



What I’m still not clear on is what is the perceptual effect of losing those supporting cells. It’s not like they do nothing. Tough thing to ask a mouse. “Mr. Whiskers, how does how you hear now compare to how you heard before?”

That being said, cochlear implants offer a completely new sort of signal to the brain and the brain eventually reinterprets it to sound normal, so perhaps we can assume that that would happen in this case, too.



Did anyone tried microcurrent therapy with Milly Ng for hearing loss & tinnitus?
She says her microcurrent therapy is 95% successful.



I should think that would be easy. At different volumes, make a sound like a cat. Observe mouse’s response. :rofl: