Recommendations for online HA sellers?

I’d to buy Phonak Lumity or Paradise HAs to replace my Marvel G30s. Does anyone have recommendations for reliable online sellers? For instance, FitHearing, which has many positive reviews but seems to have a questionable address (which I think is actually a post office!)?

I’m hoping to learn enough to do DIY fitting, which is why I’m open to buying online. But I recognize there are knock-offs, fraudulent reviews, unreliable sellers, etc., so would welcome any recommendations from forum members who have made online purchases you’re happy with.

If I buy Phonak Lumity HAs through an online seller, does anyone know if I can double-check the serial numbers with Phonak to find out if the HAs are legit?

Many thanks for your advice!

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I think it would help the users a lot if you could share the country you are living in.
Some sellers do not ship overseas while some offers from abroad might seem cheap before you realise you have to pay a lot of taxes on the purchased items.

Thanks Oesi, good point. I’m in the U.S. There must be a way to put this info in my account settings. I’ll do this.


Lumity L90 for $3,198 a pair! I have been very please with their quality service and unbeatable prices.

Thanks for this information.

Did you send them your audiogram in advance, and if so did you feel they did a good job of programming the new HAs for you? Do you think the HAs will need further adjusting to work well for you?

Yes I did send the Audiogram to them in advance. Programming was done well and adjustments made using remote in-situ testing. Support by e-mail and phone has been exemplary.

Thanks for the info. It’s great that the programming and remote adjustments were done well. Sounds like a good source, will remember!