Recommend stereo-jack Bluetooth xmitter/streamer for Oticon ConnectClip?



Can anyone here recommend a Bluetooth xmitter that works well w/ the Oticon ConnectClip?

My use case: stream stereo from a TV headphone jack, via ConnectClip

This one (Azeca, $27 or so USD) almost works w/ the Oticon ConnectClip
but suffers heavy stuttering.

I used this BT transmitter w/ Phonak iCom regularly about 5 yrs ago
(worked well in that case)

(clumsy) workaround: TV head-phone jack, to line-in (MIC) on a laptop, and a
Sennheiser BTD 800 usb dongle. Works best if the laptop is using a 5GHz wireless network
(or ethernet twisted-pair). Most laptop audio subsystems can monitor the MIC input without
introducing any latency …


Better to go with a low-latency transmitter. They range in cost from around $20 to $50. I have found good ones in the lower price group.


I use this one on a TV and it works fine, with just a little delay between lips and sound.

The hearing aid manufacturers TV devices work the best though.


Latency will always be the problem because Oticon in their money-grubbing wisdom decided that they wouldn’t support a low-latency codec with the ConnectClip. Whether because they didn’t want to pony up for the license fee or they didn’t want to impact sales of their tv streamer, I don’t know. Some people don’t have a problem with the latency. It drives me nuts.


I don’t think any of the manufacturers Bluetooth devices use aptx, and I think you hit on the reason. It might impact their TV transmitter sales.


I need something very compact. I used to connect my streamer to the radio during tours where the tour guide has a microphone radio and all the tourists have speaker radios, but connectclip has no audio jack to let me do that. That was actually my primary purpose, but, assuming the microphone is works well, unlike the streamer, it will also be good for calls.


I am using the OPN1s and the Oticon TV connect 3 stream straight to my hearing aids and have never noticed any delay


That is probably the correct solution. The ConnectClip was not likely designed for low latency TV audio.


You could put the ConnectClip into remote microphone mode and ask the tour guide to wear it around his or her neck. Make sure you get it back at the end. :slight_smile:


How far can the connectclip be from me and still get a signal?


I think it can be 60 ft away.


What if multiple tourists need the guide to wear their connectclips?


Have you seen one yet? :slight_smile:

Ok, get yourself a Bluetooth transmitter just in case. It will be about the same size as the ConnectClip. Maybe smailer. Charge and pair it to the ConnectClip before you leave your hotel. It won’t be a low latency connection to the Connect Clip, but in that usage case it won’t matter.