Recently unable to listen to Audible via bluetooth

I have Oticon hearing aides and an Oticon Streamer Pro 1.3, which I use almost daily to listen to books via the Audible app on my iPhone 7Plus.

A few days ago, I found that I was not able to get any volume out when streaming an audio book. (I can still steam audio for phone calls without any issue.). I’ve turned both the phone and the steamer off multiple times. I’ve also unpaired and re-paired the steamer to my phone. Neither has worked.

I also just discovered that the problem is not limited to Audible. I can’t listen to anything on YouTube, Podcasts, or Spotify either. In all instances, the app recognizes that the streamer is connected and the the orange light on the streamer indicates that it is streaming - only there is no sound.

Note that I started having this issue about the same time we purchased a new car. I paired my phone with the new car and have no problem listening to audio books the the car. However, I can’t listen to them when I’m away from the car now. I even unpaired with the car, but that didn’t solve the problem either.


I got hearing aids in March this year and bought the streamer so I could continue to listen to podcasts on my iPhone 6s and plug into my laptop for work calls/video conferencing.

It’s that bad - disconnecting randomly from my HAs, reconnecting, beeping and stuff - that Oticon said it was a faulty streamer and I should get a replacement. Got a replacement streamer - same issue.

Got both HAs replaced by the hugely pressurised NHS (thank you) - same issue.

I’m not sure this product is even fit for purpose. There’s loads on this forum but when you ring Oticon they make out you’re the only one experiencing this.

What to do??

What is the exact model of hearing aids,also which bluetooth streamer are you having the problem with, ConnectClip or StreamerPro?