Real Virtual Hearing Aid for a PC

Hello!, I have a hearing loss of treble in my left ear, I wonder if there is any program that allows in real time to filter the sound output from my computer, so that it could adjust by frequencies as a hearing aid would do and at the moment I do it alone with the balance and I am afraid that this will harm the hearing that I have in the long run, I have been searching but I do not find anything similar, and I think that it is rare that it does not exist …

I take it you are using head phones. The standard sound chip does not do dual channel equalizer control. You will need to get a sound card that supports that and they usually come with software that will do what you want. Just do an online search for " dual channel sound car. Alternately you can get an external "dual channel equalizer to put between the PC output and your head phones. This is nice, because you could use it with the TV.

Here is a cheap one withou a multiple channel equalizer, but might work for you.

Thank you very much for answering, I was thinking of some kind of automatic software based on an audiometry but your answer has redirected me, thank you very much indeed, my PC uses a motherboard that is supposed to have separate channels, hence I found this program free:

Very simple to use and that allows you to adjust the left and right channel separately with an equalizer for each one, thank you very much and I hope this can help someone else with the same concern.

You must have a pretty good computer to get that sound board chip. Glad you got it to work.

The sound chip is integrated into the asus Z170-A motherboard, it is a few years old and it is not the most expensive, it is amazing how when adjusting the equalizer I can put the balance in the middle again, many people must be destroying their ears like me out of ignorance …thanks again!

I’ve dream a long time for something like this.
Today, i’m happy with my Phonak m90R & TV Connector which do this for me.
I use them as headphone on my computer, i’m a gamer, i need a good accurate sound, for footsteps for example.
Since this setup, i’ve never heard that good.

Well, I have and Asus Z170-E and it has Realtek sound. I installed the software and low and behold can control the two channels independently. I guess I don’t have a need for it since I just put the headphones on over my hearing aids. Also, my two ears are pretty close to each other. Your situation is maybe not that common, but I am glad it worked. As much as I know about computer hardware, I just never had a need to do this. Congratulations. I do know that game guys often pay several hundred dollars for a sound card and can do anything.

And won’t there be an android application that could also do something like that? control the equalization of the two channels separately? the truth would interest me enough … and if it would also be free it would be great