Real-time Equalization for hearing aids

Hi All,
I am searching for a device that will allow me to adjust the frequency response of my hearing aid in real time. I am finding that I just cannot understand some people and others are fine. The only device I can find that may help me out are TDK 800 headphones that apparently have base/treble controls mounted of the ear piece. I would use these with or without my aid depending on performance but i think they would only work when on the phone. Unless I want to carry a microphone and amp around with me I guess. I am only talking about comprehending speech here and not any music or TV (my loss is beyond any of that). Does anyone know of anything available out there that would provide what I need? Thanks for your input.

I don’t know if this is any help but I have Costco KS6 aids – a Made for Iphone aid. With an iPhone’s setting, you can adjust treble and bass. You can also stream from the phone’s microphone. That should give you access to an equalizer along with using a microphone that can be located by or near the person you are communicating with. That may give you a clear voice to concentrate on.

Thank you for that info. I will have to look at the iphone and give it a shot.

Wouldn’t a quality hearing aid with a good automatic adjustment setting do what you want? I know mine automatically adjust for different situations I’m in.

For typical aging loss in the mild to moderate range like yours, what you say is basically true. But there are other levels of loss where solutions aren’t cut and dry. Various diseases, chemo, etc. can seriously impact success with the very best of aids.

Unless I missed it I don’t see any reference to abnormal issues in the original post.

Any destination based hearing aid is already doing what the original poster asked for - whether that’s happening quickly enough for them is another issue.

Most systems allow you to set the speed at which the aid shifts settings, though if you want to do that specifically on your Iphone, the Resound app isn’t too bad.

Remotes are available that do exactly the same job too.

people in the know do not use the term “equalizer” for hearing aids.