Reading About Hearing Loss

VOLUME CONTROL by David Owen, 2019.
I’m re-reading this excellent book about hearing loss and the world of hearing aids. . . and with a historical perspective on deafness and partial hearing loss. Owen is a fine writer (New Yorker, Harper’s, books) and is himself HOH. I recently bought a second copy (used, online), as I’m lending my first copy to friends who are finally getting around to buying hearing aids. Owen does a long and fascinating section on Bose Hearphones (which I bought as a result of reading–and still wear most of the time), and in the process highlights some of the apps still available free with your phone that can act as partial-HAs, if you aren’t yet ready to make the big step of buying real ones. Sadly, Hearphones are no longer for sale new, although used ones can be bought online. On your phone’s app store, check out free apps like “Ear Machine”, which was part of Hearphones original scientific development.


What kind of hearing loss does the author have. Because everyone’s loss is different.

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Don’t know that I can answer that, but his is significant enough that he wears hearing aids for most of his activities–home, social life, meetings. The book is not really so much about his own hearing loss, but a larger discussion of the industry (as it appeared 2018-2019). Readers will respond differently than I do, but it’s an interesting read. Used copies online for about $5.
I should add that Ear Machine works w/ Apple only, I think.

Also available as epub. I’ve got it, and thanks for reminding me, as I have yet to crack the cover!

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