Questions about custom earmolds for RIC hearing aids

Today at the audiologist we began discussing complex fitting options. My ears are very small and my right ear canal is unusually small. Despite trying many different dome sizes and types, attempting a retention lock and changing the receiver lengths, we can’t find a solution that will fit my ear. In all circumstances my receivers (especially my right one) tend to slip out or hurt my ear. Resound unfortunately does not offer half size receivers so that is not an option. As of today we are trying receivers that have been heated up a little and molded to try and make them an in between size. If this does not work I am going to be fit with custom molds. I have a pair of Resound Linx Quattro RIC rechargeable aids.

Before I make that change though I have a few questions:

Would the ear molds change the sound? In what ways?
What are the different types of custom molds for RIC aids?
What type would be best for a low and mid range hearing loss? What vent size, style, material, etc.
How do molds for BTE and RIC aids differ?
How much would custom molds cost?
What is the difference between hard and soft domes?
What might the color options be? :slight_smile:

Thank you for all your help!

BTE and RIC molds are basically the same. Same styles and sizes. You can get molds that fit deep like domes and are not seen from the outside. The venting and other specifics will depend on your situation.

You seem to be saying the RIC receiver wire is not the right size? It’s possible you could get a deep fitting mold that would take up the slack. Otherwise, a BTE can have exactly the tube length you need.

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Molds in and of themselves don’t change the sound, but the amount of venting does. The less venting (more closed fit) the easier it is to control outside noise and deliver gain (especially lower frequency gain) There are multiple materials and venting options for molds. For a low frequency loss, you’ll want very little if any venting. For details, you’ll need to talk to your audiologist/hearing aid fitter. There’s a lot of variety.

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Are you saying your ear canals are too small for the power receiver you need for your hearing loss?
If that is correct, your only choice would be to go to BTE aids in my opinion. They will give the needed gain without the big device in the ear canal.

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I don’t use a power receiver for my loss. It isn’t that the receiver won’t fit into my ear. The problem is the way my ear curves and is shaped.

We have tried 2 wires, one it too long and the hearing aids stick out like a tea cup handle. One it too short and they pull out or rub the top or my canal.
We have tried small domes, medium domes and tulip domes. None of these change go the receiver fits in my ear.
RIC aids should work fine for my loss as long as the fit can be corrected.

I understand too sort, rubbing the top of your ear. I can only guess what too long and my ear looks like a tea cup means.

From reading the forum your fitter should be able bend and mold the receiver wires to fit you better using heat. This is what the pros have said here on the forum.

I see you have had help earlier. Maybe this will help.

BTE and RIC molds are the same. The difference is that the receiver is in the mold for RIC aids.
One of the restrictions for RIC aids is the size of the receiver. People with small ear canals can not wear them due to this issue. Your choice then would be BTE or ITE aids possibly.

BTE aids these days are very close to the same size as RIC aids. You could wear BTE aids with slim tubes and molds very comfortably.

No, ear molds would not change the sound. Maybe improve it.
Custom molds cost about $100-$150 a paid in the US.
Many colors are available.