Questions about Cochlear Kanso 2 rechargeable battery

I currently have the Kanso processor and am seeking information on the Kanso 2 processor.

I am wondering the Kanso 2 processor is rechargeable and am wondering how long the charge holds. Does the Kanso 2 also have battery? Are the batteries the same as for the Kanso.


debbie_o has reported her Kanso 2 rechargeable battery lasts 18 hours.

I read somewhere that the rechargeable battery in the Kanso 2 can be changed easily. Don’t quote me on this. My understanding is the first Kanso uses standard 675 implant batteries. The Kanso 2 uses totally different rechargeable.

I have the N7 and K2 processors. Only wear the K2 in the evening until I feel comfortable about not losing it out and about.

Raudrive can you tell me what part of the magnet is the weaker in the K2 please? Is it both? The one inserted under the skin? Or the processor magnet? Just curious…I’m due for an upgrade this time next year and I’m wondering if the K2 would be better…

Hi Sheryl,

Both magnets are weaker, at least that is what I understand. It allows MRI but causes issues with the K2 holding on the 600 series implants.

I believe you have the 500 series implant. That implant can use different magnets in the K2 processor that are stronger. So people with the 500 series implants shouldn’t have issues with the K2 holding.

I hope this helps.

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You don’t have to depend on just the magnet holding the K2 and the possibility of loss if you have a 600 series implant. The K2 comes with a clip to prevent this. Since I have a 600 series, I don’t wear my K2 without it being secured/ clrpped to rhe top of a shirt or to my hair.

There are a couple ofoptions to secure the K2. One is with the supplied clip that you can clip to a shirt or a tiny barrette style clip that can be used to secure to your hair. Due to the size of the K2 (the thickness), I wear my K2 on top of my hair, not tucked under it like I can with my N7 coil. The thickness of your hair is also going to affect how the K2 holds to the your head.

When activated, I received 2 N7 processors. 1 coil has a size 2 magnet and the coil I use with my N7 had a size 3 magnet. When I traded in my spare N7, I was able to keep the sxtra coil with the size 2 magnet. Since I was using a size 3 magnet, the Cochlear rep told me to go one strength level higher. So I got a size 4 in the K2. After 3 months of the size 4 K2 magnet, I found I needed more strenth than the 4 and went to a size 5. That seems to help. I would advise against wearing a K2 without a clip or barrette clip. There is also a head band with a pocket for the K2. That can be used as well.

The K2 has a rechargeable battery only. The K2 charger also serves as a dehydrator. This means you can charge and dehydrater the proccessor at the same time. Based on my mapping, I can get about 18 hours of battery life.