Question - Phonak Nadia Q50-UP vs Q90


Hey, I’m totally new. Hearing impared for 32 out of 38, have a sensorineural hearing loss. I am currently wearing a pair of 1st gen digital Siemens Triano SPs from 2005. They are fading away fast. This means that I need to adapt soonish.

I’ve had a set of Phonak Naida Q50-UPs for a bit, along with an iCUBE programmer + Phonak Target software. I just cannot seem to reach the settings I need (I have like 30 sessions saved), and the failing Trianos seem to win out. I wish this were easier. I don’t know if it’s because I’m shifting from Siemens to Phonak? Maybe I need the Q50 to be a Q90 for additional fine tuning?



Audiogram attached!



I’ve got the Phonak Brio P-UP which is the Naida Q90 and I love mine. I hear so well with them.


My hearing is very profound and worse than your audiogram. I had the Siemens Triano aids too. Due to my hearing loss, l wouldn’t be able to detect the differences of the Phonak Naida B50 and B90. I wanted the B70s for more fitting and better wind in noise program. If you want additional fine tuning then you are better off with the Naida V70 UP aids. The extra gain power will be available if your hearing gets worse due to age related hearing loss. The Naida V70 is much cheaper than the newer Naida B90 UP aids.


Thanks for the response, really appreciate it! Did it take you a while to adapt from the Trianos to the Naida?


After l used the Trianos for a few years, l got a pair of Starkey Destiny 1200 bte aids in 2007.
I haven’t tried the Phonak Naida aids yet. I will be getting the Phonak aids in the first quarter of this year.


Phonak has slightly muffled sound. Try Oticon Dynamo SP10 or SP8.


I will have to stick with the Phonak because l have the icube ll programmer/software and plan to try out different versions like brie 3, naida and unitron max 20 E aids. Also plan to take HIS courses and get a license so l can try various brands without audiologist/HIS cost markups.


Even if Phonak sounds worse than Oticon for you? Programmer and software cannot be a stopper when choosing best sound. Noahlink (wired, not wireless) and Hi-Pro are best and most universal programmers.


My hearing is so profound that l don’t think l can tell the difference between muffled and regular sounds. I will have to wait until l trialed the Phonak aids. There are no such thing as perfect hearing aids for my hearing loss. The best aid would have to be customized for my loss, size of ear canal, etc.