Question about an Ampli-energy B BTE rechargeable, looking for brand and type

Have a pair of BTE HA’s.

Interested in programming them.
But unfortunately I did not find out what the brand is while the battery is empty and I don’t have the right wireless charger.
Anyone can help me out so I can look for a charger?
Thanks in advance

Ampli-energy B is identical to

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Pictures identical. So that will be the one.
Thanks a lot again @firenzel

Audio Service Charging Station compatible with G5 Li-ion and G6 Li-ion HA

Audio Service Charger Station at MSE

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Great, thanks @firenzel

Now after finding the correct charger with your help I could manage to find out the brand of the HA’s.
I bought the charger second hand for less and included were another pair of Ampli- energy’s!

So the Ampli- energy B seemed to be Rexton’s as well as the second ones I got. Unfortunately both seemed to be recognized but not programmable in the Connexxion software because of lacking Amplifon database I could not find anywhere. Both of them were though connecting in the Amplifon app on my phone. One pair recognized as B2 ‘s the others as B4 ‘s with the B4 with more features to choose for in the settings.

Thanks all for reading and your appreciated help on this great forum.

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