Pure Charge&Go X released

Piscataway, NJ, November 13, 2019 - Two former football pros hear what matters most with Pure Charge&Go X, the newest hearing aid from Signia

  • The new Pure Charge&Go X is the only rechargeable hearing aid with acoustic-motion sensors to deliver better hearing from any direction, in any situation – even when moving.
  • A new inductive charger includes a protective lid that also dehumidifies the hearing aids and fits custom ear molds.
  • Pure Charge&Go X devices include Bluetooth connectivity, in a new lightweight design that makes them 16 percent smaller than the previous version while offering 20 percent more battery capacity.

Hearing aid innovation leader Signia (a brand of WS Audiology A/S) today announces the general availability of its latest hearing aid innovation, the Pure® Charge&Go X. Built upon the recently launched Signia Xperience platform, the new devices provide wearers with superior hearing even when in motion – all in a sleek, rechargeable hearing aid.

The Pure Charge&Go X offers advanced Signia Xperience hearing technology with lithium-ion rechargeability and full Bluetooth® connectivity.

Pure Charge&Go X is a receiver-in-canal (RIC) device that includes the world’s first acoustic-motion sensors. Since a hearing aid wearer’s sound environment can change suddenly, this pioneering technology can adapt to changes in their soundscape and detect when the wearer is in motion, responding automatically to deliver natural and personalized sound from any direction, in any situation – even when moving.

Better hearing for a life in motion

The advanced hearing technology and innovative features of Pure Charge&Go X help wearers navigate everyday life, whether on the go at work or at home with family. For instance, Reed Doughty, a 37-year-old former professional football player and current school athletic director, benefits from the acoustic-motion sensors to help him understand speech from any direction throughout his busy day.

Former professional football player Reed Doughty hears better in any situation with Signia’s Pure Charge&Go X hearing aids.

“I go from a weight room, to a board meeting room, to a classroom, to an athletic field, to the loud gym, to home with four kids, to a dinner out with my wife,” Doughty said. “Being able to navigate these settings and not just get through but actually enjoy those experiences is great, because those loud and differing environments can be frustrating for someone with hearing loss.”

Terry Hanratty is another former football pro who, after playing for eight seasons and working on Wall Street for three decades, is used to being on the go. For this active 71-year-old, hearing is important for a good quality of life and staying connected. An experienced wearer, Hanratty found more success with Signia’s Pure Charge&Go X compared to his previous pair.

“They are really a game changer, because with the previous ones, I could hear, but I couldn’t hear everything,” Hanratty said. “The biggest factor is that I can hear every word. I carry on a conversation with anybody and I’m hearing everything.”

Advanced technology in a smaller device

The new Pure Charge&Go X hearing aids deliver superior hearing technology with the features important to today’s hearing aid wearers like Doughty and Hanratty. They offer Bluetooth ® connectivity to stream phone calls, music, and TV audio to their hearing aids. Wearers also benefit from Signia’s world’s first Own Voice Processing (OVP™), which processes the wearer’s voice separately from other sounds for a natural sounding own voice.

Built with lithium-ion rechargeability, Pure Charge&Go X holds 20 percent more battery capacity than Signia’s previous Pure Charge&Go device, giving wearers greater flexibility and convenience as they go about their day. And with a new sleek and slim design, it’s 16 percent smaller than its predecessor to deliver greater comfort and long wearing time.

A new inductive charger includes a protective lid that also dehumidifies the devices and fits custom ear molds. The charger is also backwards compatible with all Signia lithium-ion inductive charging hearing aids.

Pure Charge&Go X is also compatible with the newly launched Signia app, which combines all existing Signia apps into one. The new app enables wearers to further personalize the hearing experience, manage streaming activities, and even connect with their hearing care professional remotely.

Additional information about Signia’s new Pure Charge&Go X hearing aids can be found at: https://www.signiausa.com/pure-charge-go-x/

About Signia

Signia stands for iconic innovation. Since its launch in 2016, Signia has already brought to the market several world’s firsts solutions. In addition to highly innovative hearing aids, Signia also delivers tools and apps to increase customer interaction and engagement on all levels of hearing aid management. Signia thus allows hearing care professionals and patients to get the most out of their hearing aids.

The Pure Charge&Go X offers advanced Signia Xperience hearing technology with lithium-ion rechargeability and full Bluetooth® connectivity.

I met with my audiologist today. He wants me to switch from my new beloved Signia Stylettos to the new Pure Charge&Go X. He’s also very much in favor of custom molds. I had trialed both Stylettos and Charge&Go NX, neither with custom ear molds for several weeks. The Stylettos were amazing! I just used different dome for each ear.
Then Signia announced a new app before my own Stylettos arrived. There is a world of difference now. Signia has dropped the “Cafe Mode” as well as the “Musician Mode” from their app. For my own use Signia has taken a giant leap backwards. Actually Signia was hacked between my short trial and the arrival of my new Stylettos. I can’t help but wonder if they’ve not completely gotten their own S/W back and bug free.
The audiologist suggested I uninstall the new app, return to old app which should work until sometime in Spring 2020. This returned my Cafe mode for tonight’s noisy restaurant dining. Whew! Audio quality isn’t quite the same as when I was trialing either pair, yet with Cafe Mode it is a brand new world compared to ancient Phonaks. Musician Mode works well for playing ukuleles tonight as well.
Before my own Stylettos arrived I was in a borrowed set. The audiologist called I guess it is tech support with Signia to confirm the Stylettos would have enough power for my left ear, also enough power should my hearing loss change. We were on speaker phone, and the answer was a very definite positive yes. There’s been no real change in my hearing over the years since sudden hearing loss, anyway. I’m occasionally tested in a sound booth. Evidently yesterday my audiologist talked to several other audiologists who felt the Stylettos were not powerful enough for me. All I can say is the trial pair were amazing in every situation, some quite complicated. It could be as simple as not having remembered which domes were chosen for the demos as a simple answer for quality of sound not quite as good right now.
An older audiogram should be in my profile. I’m really “attached” to the Stylettos and small charging case that even holds some 3 days of charge. Thoughts, anyone?

Major drawback styletto is receiver can not be detached batter to switch x but only if you like automated processing. And receiver is not enough

This is for me is a no brainer. If you have a pair of hearing aids - the Stylettos, which you feel work in every situation, look great etc etc, then the grass cannot get any greener by opting for something that is what? maybe just a year or so more recent. I would stick with what you know and only upgrade once you know there is something with certainty that is going to be a substantial improvement.

The acid test for whether they are loud enough is your perception - not necessarily the audiologists! I had an experience where an audiologist kept prescribing a 90db receiver i.e. a standard BTE back in the day, with no power - and it was a miserable experience. I knew I needed more power as it was what I was used to.

What seems to be going on here is that Signia has decided to build the motion sensor into the hearing aid with the new “X” models. Since the older 7Nx and Styletto models used the motion sensor in the smart phone, they have likely had to change the app. Unfortunately in the process it seems like they have dumbed down the app. That said I don’t really think the Cafe mode is a real mode. It is just the Automatic program with a front quadrant microphone focus. It is just a bit easier to set the program to the Cafe than to adjust the microphone focus.

I can’t see an audiogram for you, so I don’t know what kind of loss you are dealing with. It does sound like the traditional RIC models can handle the higher power receivers if necessary.


Howdy. I just got my first pair of hearing aids ever and they are Pure Charge&Go 3nx. So, my opinion is only six weeks old.

I am a tech junkie, so having my text message and other iPhone noises in my ear rather than in public is great! My only problem is that I apparently have small outer ears and a lot of hair, which makes the external part often fall off my ear…

So, the app. I have only figured out one use for it and that is to change from ‘universal’ to ‘noisy environment’. That option seemed to work well in a busy restaurant as to mute out some of the noise. But really, what is the app for? The demo mode shows a lot of things that are not extant in the operating mode.

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I have the KS8 which is the Rexton “sister” hearing aid to the Signia 7Nx. At least with an iPhone the app on it, which Signia calls myControl is fairly useful. I would say the main function is that it can change programs, and in the Automatic default program it can change the microphone focus over quite a wide range from full to very narrow to the front. See this document on what it does. About the only function that is shown in demo but not in the actual app is that it shows the ability to control the volume of the aids independently. In my app there is just one master slider. However in the triple touch iPhone app, you can control the volume independently. I never do it however, so no big deal.

Signia myControl

I have heard that the X version uses a dumbed down app. That is unfortunate.

On the ability to change programs, one possibility is that the fitter did not set up extra programs. They have to manually set them up before you can select them with the app. This is what mine are set up for. Those last three are not real separate programs, but just copies of the main Auto program with a specific microphone focus. You can duplicate them with the microphone focus adjustment or just select them.

In total there should be about 10 options for programs? Ask your fitter to show them to you.

Wow, this is news to me. I only have 3 programs. Universal, Noisy and reverberant room. Do I have to tell my Audi I want these or is it something I can get on my own. Dang it. She’s not helping. I have an appt on the 10th. I tried closed domes and don’t like them. Sound is very funny and I can’t hear the TV or on the phone as well as as with the vented. We started down the road of closed domes as I didn’t think I was hearing as well as I should be. It’s not been good for me. I’m very frustrated.

With Signia or Rexton you have the choice of domes or sleeves. I find the sleeves to be more comfortable and if you believe Signia they give better feedback isolation. Your loss sure suggests that is an issue for you. The combination of closed sleeves and Own Voice Processing being set up, works quite well for me.

Here is a Quick Start Guide for the KS8. It should be similar to Signia. It lists the available programs that the fitter can set up. The Music program also has sub program choices or Listening to Recorded Music, Playing music, and listening to live music.

Thanks Sierra. Mine are Sleeves. I do not have any feedback issues at all. Just the tinny sound. :cry:

MyApp on my phone does not have these options. Must be an older version. Sigh.

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The Rexton Emerald 80, Signia 7Nx, and Costco KS8 aids all use the motion sensor in the smart phone. The new X series aid have the motion sensor built in. This may force them to use a different app? The older app may have been part of the communication with the smart phone to utilize the phone motion sensor. Don’t know…

Signia Pure 13 uses Motion Sensor in the iPhone. This is strange. I downloaded the old My Control app and am streaming TV. The streaming is so much better. There is something wrong with the Signia App (x app). I tell you it is so much better. I dint understand it. Can an app streaming audio affect how one hears in I. Your hearing aids or is Bluetooth streaming Bluetooth streaming?!

If you read the myControl app article at the link below on page 4 they talk about the method Signia uses to correct the equalization for steaming. I know it works,but thought it was part of the Connexx programming of the aid, not the app. But, who knows for sure.

Signia myControl

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