Pulled the the trigger on some Jabra Pro 20's

Hi all
Due to issues with my Resound One’s i decided to try the new Jabra aid. Was able to get an appointment almost immediately. I had a recent audiogram that they accepted so didnt need a hearing test to do a walk around the store trial. They transfered my current settings to the 20’s using my mold and i could tell an immediate improvement in clearness of sound without even leaving the booth. My right ear requires some pretty high gain and on the One’s I have had an very very slight background sound that i can only explain as “white noise”, like a very slight hissing sound when turned up. The 20’s are dead quite at all levels. Voices in face to face are much clearer with better distinction between sounds/words. Walking around the store was much better sounding than the One’s. I could hear others talking but wasnt overwhelmed by all of the background sounds. I made a phone call and comprehension was much improved. There was zero feedback but my One’s never have feedback either. To me they sounded familiar but much more clear with better compensation.
I pick them up next weekend and look forward to having my One’s sent in under warranty to be refurbished and i will always have a backup pair if needed.