Programming Siemens miniTek with Connexx 6.4?


If anyone out there has experience with programming the Siemens miniTek using Connexx 6.4 software, please contact me by private message. I want to pick your brain.

Basically, I have had a Tek remote that I programmed just fine. The new minTek seems to have taken the programming from my Tek set up (i.e., changed from its OEM programming of 3 programs to the 5 I have set on my Tek. When I connected the miniTek and tried to program it, I got repeated messages that the program could not connect to it. However, when I disconnected it, it had been programmed from the base 3 to the full 5 programs I have set up in Connexx. However, I also never get the screens where I can change the miniTek from automatic to manual source switching which is something I’d like to do.

I look forward to any help anyone might provide so I can sort out what I’m doing wrong.

Please share what you found as the solution since I am having the same problem programming my Minitek.

I haven’t had to mess with my program for some time, so forgot you apparently have to have your HAs connected via the HiPro to ensure all changes related to the remote are made. Once I connected the HAs, all the changes I wanted to make became accessible and were made to the remotes without a problem.