Programming question

Hi - I have a question that I can’t seem to find an answer for. Is a DAI shoe the same as a programming shoe, or are they different? If they are different, where could I find programming shoes for Oticon Agil? I’m also wondering where is the best place to buy a CS44 programming cable? Are they ever available on eBay? Thanks!

No, they are not the same. It is hard to get this stuff !

Were you ever able to find the cables and programming shoes for Agil?

It is totally different thing. DAI means Direct Audio Inpout and it is used to connect external sources direct to your hearing aids. Programming shoe is an adapter that is used to program hearing aids.
Here are the part numbers if that can help you

Left: 384-20-015-01
Right: 384-20-014-00

Adapter for BTE - RITE : Programming module 399-50-530-08

Adapter for Mini RITE : FlexConnect 390-01-180-05


I’m new here and my english isn’t the best around here :wink:

I’m testing an Oticon Intiga 10 i (IIC) and wanted to ask which cable is the right one for the little Intiga? In the first PDF document if you google to “flex mini oticon” is written that it is a “FlexConnect Mini” cable - but where can I get this one?

Is the Intiga 10 i for sure compatible with a Hi-Pro USB interface?

Thanks & many greetings from Italy!

You need the #3 cables (CS44)… the Intiga 10’s dont use the flex… And yes, they are fully compatible with the Hi-Pro USB…


Oh, wait. I see your using the ITC… They use the flex.

Hello and thanks for the quick reply! With “flex” you mean a flex strip? Is CS63 the right one?

These are expensive devices. Why not let a trained professional handle them. You also have a risk of voiding the warranty if you break them by opening them up.

By just connecting the hearing aid with an interface I will not breaking anything?! :slight_smile:

As long as you connect it properly. Some of the Oticon Intega devices need to be taken apart to program. If a specialist breaks it it is their problem, if you break it it is yours.

I need some help as well. Is there anyone that knows where i can buy programmable shoe for Beltone Origini.
My grandma can not be taken to the audiologist because she is in bed for a couple of years. I want to program the hearing aids my self.I have everything i need but no one will sell the programmable shoe compatible with Origini

I assume you’re talking about Beltone Origin? Need to know exactly which model to be able to look up cable/connector requirements. If you’ve already got this information, sharing that would be great. If you need pills or flex strips, this link will be helpful.

If you do indeed need a “programming shoe,” that may be more challenging but need to know exactly what we’re looking for.

2011 might be a record…

I doubt you’ll be able to program them as the software is Beltone specific and not generally available. You might want to consider used BTE aids from ebay that could be programmed.