Programming my hearing aid (Beltone Reach 25)

Hello all!
Well, I have a right side hearing aid by Beltone (Reach 25).
I never achieve to “be in love” with it and I need to test it by change its settings.

I have some questions:
a) Does Madsen RS 232C Noah Compatible Hi-Pro Hearing Aid Programmer compatible with my hearing aid?
b) If yes, what cable is compatible to connect my hearing aid with the programmer or how could I note it? If no, is there any other Aid Programmer which I could find it used in a good price? I can’t give $400 just for an aid programmer which I’ll use a few times.

Thanks for your time,

First, I’m not a pro and I have no idea about your basic question. But, RS232 is a serial port device so your computer would have to have a serial port (not common these days). There are two popular connectors for serial ports, the smaller 9-pin and the larger, older 25 pin. So besides having a serial port your computer would have to have the same connector as the device, or use a converter. Also, there are serial port to USB port converters but I have never used one and don’t know anything about them.

The serial Hi-Pro is compatible with your hearing aid. It works fine with a USB to Serial converter, but be sure to get one with the FTDI chipset. I haven’t been able to get Prolific-based converters to function correctly. You’ll also need a CS63 Flex Strip cable.

Thanks for your reply!
Yes, CS63 should be the correct cable as I see inside of my hearing aid. CS44 is something else as cable.

Another one question. If I buy it this:

CS63 cable will be compatible with Speedlink?
Also, that Speedlink is compatible with my Beltone Reach 25?

Speelink is also noticed on beltone’s site:

So maybe its compatible?

Thanks for your info!!!

Yes, Speedlink will work too. You can use the CS63 cable or CS44 cable + FlexConnect adapter. You’ll need the 3-pin flex strip in either case.

Thanks for your info! :smiley:

A - I hope - final question. Where could I buy CS63 cable or a FlexConnect adapter? (I search to google for “FlexConnect adapter” and the results has to do with a camera adapter). I cannot find on ebay any CS63 or an FlexConnect adapter.
What is more expensive, a CS63 cable or just a FlexConnect adapter? ('cause the above Speedlink includes already a CS44).
I leave in Greece and I need a way to buy those items.

The Speedlink on eBay that you mentioned probably comes with CS53 flex adaptors. Check with the seller. CS53 is a flex strip with a built-in CS44 socket.

Hello, I am the owner of a Beltone store in the US. I hate to see you waste your money so I thought I would post a few things. You will need a hi-pro or speedlink box. Preferably with a USB cable. You will need a cs-63 cable AND a flex strip connector. CS-44 will not work. You will also need the correct version of Solus programming software and Beltone does not distribute it freely here. Not sure about where you live. Most programming software works within another software called NOAH. You can read about it at The cost is $1200.00 here in the US. Is there not a Beltone store near you? I guarantee it will be a lot cheaper