Programming cable for Siemens micon 3/5/7mi?

I’m trying to purchase all I need to program my hearing aids (siemens pure micon 7 mi). I have the connexx 7.2 software and sifit, I will buy hi-pro usb but which cable I need? It seems that the cable cs44 is not enough and is needed some kind of adapter/socket/flex strip? Where I can find them? Or maybe another kind of cable? There’s not connector for the cs44 cable plug:


Thank you

You can find programming cables on E-bay

Yes, I look in ebay but I think I don’t find the cables needed for siemes pure micon mi. I asked to one hearing accessories provider and told me that only officialy distributor has the socket/adaptor for this model…

I to have Micon’s 3 and it would be wonderfull to be able to program your own.
If you can figure this out someday please let us know.

You’ll need a 312 battery pill adaptor for the cable

My understanding is that the Siemens microns can be programmed wireless with connexx link program.
Then we don’t need cables and pill adaptors and don’t have to take the hearing aid apart.It does not get any better than that!
How reliable is Torrent my virus protection on the PC is somewhat alarmed!

Yes, use Connexx link. You will need the wireless hardware, but you may find this on eBay. So much easier than cables and HiPro.