Programming adapters for Siemens Nitro CIC (year 2007) - 10A battery


I am thankful for the existence of this forum and for the posts of the whole community.
As a new user seeking answers to my peculiar concerns, I have to say that this forum is a right shot towards an empowering attitude.
At that point, please excuse my bad English.
Now, to be concrete and keep it short, I recently managed to get a Hi-Pro (needless to say that this forum was on the way) with a view to attempting HA programming.

Since this is my first post, my experience of hearing loss is as follows:
I am wearing hearing aids since age 5 (now 36 years old), and my hearing loss sightly decreased from a mild cookie bite hearing loss to a severe hearing loss (see audiogram in signature).
My story is that I am wearing ITC since age 7. Surprisingly, they did it. First, analogs, and my first digital hearing aids in 2011 (with programmable hearing aids in-between, mimicking my older aids, as far as I remember). All ITCs.
Of course, the drawback is that I am accustomed to a particular brand, possibly sound, and possibly a particular type of correction that I don’t know well, and the world is changing.
So, my feeling with respect to my situation is that I now need to gain more insight about HA fitting.

I own a pair of Siemens Nitro CIC (10A battery) I bought in 2007.
I never wore them. For diverse reasons, the fitting process interrupted, and the Nitros have never been properly fitted to me.
Now, it is possible that they cannot be fitted to me. Anyway, I would like to try programming them.
(No damage foreseen, since I otherwise have on hand a correct solution and my intention is not to substitute to my current correction, I cannot with my hearing loss, but rather to learn a few things).

I need to find the appropriate material.

These Nitros are the first generation of Siemens Nitros (this type of CIC has been launched around 2007), bought in 2007, 70/128 matrix. They work with 10A batteries.

[FONT=arial]The model on this website ( ) requires flex connectors. only proposes programming adapter size 312 or 13.

I wonder whether suitable adapters may be found for a 10A battery Nitro CIC of the type described above?[/FONT]
Any input regarding this historical question would be appreciated.

Thank you, Anne[/FONT]

Hi Anne

I have no idea of the programming posibility. I found this:

It is for the right HA. But you could try to look also for the left cable. It seems here is the left one:

Are you sure your model require flex connectors. It seems those cables are with the final adapter, and they no require flex connectors, but I am not sure.

By the way I though that your NITRO were with the same programming possibilities than my Pure (The nitro that you gives the link). My pure are from 2010 (bought in 2012).


Dear jpeinado,

Thank you very much for your reply.
Considering the ebay products you kindly pointed out to me, I noticed that the extremities of the programming cables may not be suited to my Nitros. I do not remember complete occlusion of the battery apperture upon connection to the Hipro. Rather a difficut insertion of a small copper film.
From the attached picture below, I think that connection my require flex strips such as those discussed here (I just found that out).

Fortunately, in the meantime positively answered my question by e-mail: they just added the flex strips product to their website listing!
May be an useful info for those seeking such flex strips.

To answer your question jpeinado, my Nitros were manufactured in 2007.

Thank you again for your answer and links. My best wishes.


Dear Anniej:

You could be right. I think you could ask this to your Audi if he/she has the Siemens brand. Anyway It seems you are right
Then you will need the HiPro (or MiniPro) and two CS-44 cables, connected to the flex strips.

It seems they changed the product name:

Programming Adapter size 312, 13 or FLEX STRIPS Comes with two adapters

A week ago, they only offered 312 o 313 models. Now, they also offer flex strips.
Finally, You will need to know, the correct version of Siemens Connexx software.

It seems this people is adapting to us. Two weeks ago they did not send to Spain. I asked them for this. And they now send material to Spain.

Good luck