Problems with Philips HearLink 9010

The Bernafon Chronos 9 aids that I bought at Costcto 7 years ago died. This is sad because I really liked these hearing aids, they worked perfectly.

Anyway, I went to Costco and purchased the Philips HearLink 9010 and have had them two weeks. I will have to say that I am unhappy with the 9010’s for many reasons. The two that are the most annoying are:

  1. When I clear a noise e.g. clearing my throat, sneeze, amplification goes out for up to 10 seconds before normal amplification returns.

  2. Some sounds like silverware tapping on a china plate are so loud as to be painful.

My question is, is #1 above something that can be turned off via customization or is that the way these are?

I wonder if the cheaper Costco Kirkland Signature 9’s would be better?

I don’t know about your particular questions, but if you’re in the U.S., you have 180 days to return the aids with a full refund. So why not give it at least a few tries of going back to Costco, explaining the problems and having adjustments made to see if things can be tweaked to your satisfaction? If not, return these aids and try others.

The Philips sounded interesting to me when I first decided to see about new aids, but I have and have had an inexpensive Android Tracfone. I wanted something that would work with it, not something designed primarily for iPhone that would mean another phone investment, so it was the KS9s for me. I went back for adjustments 4 times.

Yea, I know. This particular Costco is swamped with people and it takes 4-6 weeks to get in to see someone. I know the importance of the Costco person doing the setup and adjustment of the audio map. I can only hope that the person I have knows their product and how to twist the dials so to speak :slight_smile:

One thing I did you might consider is at every appointment, I scheduled another for a couple weeks out. In your case, that would be for the soonest available. My theory was it’s easier to cancel than to try for an open convenient slot later.

@makitso, I don’t wear Philips HearLink 9010 aids, but I do wear Oticon OPN-S1, and Oticon markets the Philips aids.

I think you might need adjustments in something called the “transient noise” setting. The coughing, sneezing, and plates/silverware clinking sounds can set off the transient (sudden loud) noise reduction feature, and maybe your setting needs adjusting. It can usually be set to high, medium or low sensitivity for reducing sudden loud sounds, depending on the level of hearing aid you bought. I don’t know what this feature is called in the Philips hearing aids, but maybe there is something in your product brochure or instruction booklet that describes it. Your fitter at Costco should know what this feature is. Also, maybe your fitter needs to adjust your maximum output if some sounds are bordeing on painful. Hope this helps.

I haven’t experienced this with my Hearlink 9010s. My guess is that yours need re-configuring of some sort.


I would agree with you. Their pretty much default with my hearing map applied and the the Telecoil turned off. I will be at Costco on the 21st, see what they say