Problem with TV streaming from Oticon More1

I recently upgraded from my 4 year old Oticon OPN1 to the More1. While I can notice the improvements, which I do appreciate, the More1 TV streaming sounds like listening to a transistor radio compared to the OPN1. OPN1 streaming is rich sounding, very clear, great stereo, etc. I did another comparison tonight and the OPN1 is night and day better.

Tried OPN1 with old and new TV streaming box’s get the same, beautiful sound for both. Tried the More1 with both box’s and get same tinny, flat sound.

Audi has set the More1 program the same as the OPN1 program settings. All that did was make the sound louder but still tinny with no body, no richness.

Has anyone experienced poor sound with the More1 aids compared to previous models?

There are a few places that you can check:

  1. In the screenshot below for the TV Adapter setting (I’m assuming you’re using the TV Adapter), there’s a setting at the bottom called Power Bass. There’s a chance that you have it set to High on your OPN, but Medium or Low or Off in your More, in which case the More will sound more tinny for sure. Beside that, also check for the Sound Quality setting to make sure they’re set the same. If you have your More to Brighter and your OPN to Fuller, then the More will sound tinny as well.

  2. The ON app has the option for a 3 band equalizer for the More (but not for the OPN). And this only affects streaming. Make sure that your equalizer setting in the ON app is not set to make the More sound more tinny (by having the Equalizer boost the highs more).

  3. I also assume that you use the same type of fitting that you use in the OPN for the More. If you use the bass domes with or without vent on the OPN, but you use open domes for the More, this will also cause more leakage of the lows out of your More, making it sound more tinny as well.

I assume that the setting in the P1 program is set to be virtually identical between the OPN and the More (in terms of the Fine Tuning values)

Thank you for your detailed response. I have the same vented molds (not domes) for OPN and More. I have an audi appointment 6/2 and will copy your response for the audi to read. She said she did set the More to the same TV adapter settings as the OPN since I brought the OPN’s with me my last visit but just made streaming louder. Will advise after my audi visit. Thanks again.