Problem With Sivantos / Signia myControl App for Android

Is anyone using the myControl app with their Signia hearing aids? I just started a new test with my Motion 13 Nx aids. I had been using them with an old iPhone and the myControl app worked perfectly. I’ve decided to try try to use my Android phone with them as much as possible, so I installed the Android version on it.

The first day the app worked fine, but yesterday it stopped working. There are no error messages or indicators on the screen and it acts like it’s working, but nothing happens. Whether I change the program or the volume level, it has no effect on my hearing aids.

I have a Bluetooth connection between the phone and the hearing aids. Using a StreamLine Mic, I’m able to send and receive phone calls as well as stream music using my phone.

Can anyone tell me what the problem is, and how I can get the app to start working again!


Did you resolve your problem? I recently switched from an Iphone 7 which worked terribly with the app, to a Samsung…now I have an issue with the Samsung…I keep getting a prompt that says MyControl has stopped…

Hi Mara,

Mine wasn’t crashing like that. Have you tried restarting your phone? (Which phone do you have?)

My problem was with Bluetooth. I contacted Technical Support (I was surprised I was able to do that directly). They had me unpair my hearing aids in Bluetooth settings, then run myControl and let the app do the pairing. A setup wizard stepped me through the procedure and everything is working fine now. (I had the same problem again a few days later and had to go through the process again, but just once.)

Good luck with yours!

There are actually 3 Bluetooth pairings going on. Each hearing aid pairs but they do not show up as paired on the notification bar of the phone. They do show up as two paired devices when you go to Settings/Bluetooth on the phone. The StreamlineMic is another pairing, and will show on the phone as a paired device. If you turn it on, you will see the active connection in the notification bar of the phone. Once you get them set up right, it is fairly reliable. Occasionally you may lose connection and should only have to close the app and restart it. If it is not connected by Bluetooth, you will see the connection over air on the app.

This seems like an appropriate place to add this rather than starting a new thread. Trialing Signia nx charge and go. Downloaded My Control app on Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime with Android 5.1.1 (Google App store says Android 4.4 or higher) Wouldn’t pair. Contacted Signia. Said it needs at least Android 6 and even then it can be hit or miss. But the surprise was that they said try the Touch Control app. It’s listed as incompatible on Signia’s site, but I tried it and yes indeed, it works! Seems like if you’re an Android fan and want full app features (MyControl will do somethings that Touch Control won’t), you should check with Signia for phones known to compatible, or be willing to live with the Touch Control app.