Problem with Phonak P90R in noisy environments

Did you ask for the SlimTip moulds?
They come with Cerustop-filters. Much easier to change.

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Just googled them. Slim Tip Moulds I’ll take a look


That’s how they are replaced:

Maybe I missed it but did your audiologist reprogram the Paradise you got from the VA or has only the VA programmed them?

I’m particularly interested in your experience because the Paradise 90R is one of two I am considering and my biggest problem is speech understanding and clarity. So if you’ve had them tuned by an audiologist in addition to the VA (which I think you said is reluctant to reprogram them after initial fitting) then that’s a huge consideration.

Does the VA do real ear measurements? Maybe that might help if they’ve not done so?

I can’t see your hearing loss, but am I misremembering. . . Aren’t you in super power BTE territory?

If your comment is to me I’m not sure exactly what comprises Super Power BTE?

For example, The Phonak Naida or the Resound Enzo. A behind the ear power hearing aid with a soft silicone earmold.

What I’m in the market for according to audiologist is either the Resound Enzo Q 988

Or in Phonak - the choices are Naida Paradise, Audeo Paradise and the Audeo Lumity.

I think Ive decided against the Naida so it’s the Paradise or Lumity.

What I have right now is low level Audeo Marvel 30 which is troubling to discover it’s lowest tier because I specifically remember telling the audiologist that I wanted mid level, not lowest and not highest but turns out that’s what I have is the 30s / lowest technology.

The Phonak device that matches the Enzo is the Naida, whether it be Marvel or Paradise chip. The Lumities are only available in a RIC style.

I think I have about driven myself to the limits of my sanity spending at least 3/4 of my time I’m awake trying to figure this all out but I have a modicum of help which I am grateful for from an organization but it expires the end of January so I need to do something. This is not a new problem with me. Some people don’t think at all and then the opposite problem for people like me I think too much. I’m like the deer in the headlights going back and forth getting nowhere until I’m roadkill.

I do not have the financial wherewithall to do this totally on my own. I think of not much else and now with the sand nearly run out I need to act. Im not pursuing the Naida for various reasons too long to detail.

I don’t want to spend money on something that will end up like my first current hearing aids.

But it’s possible the Paradise 90 will be sufficient but if not I can return them and try the Lumity if at that time I am financially able to do so.

I hate when I do this so I just need to quit spending my time researching on various websites and do something.

Who knows if I’ll even be around that much longer. I think my health and physical stamina is overall good but my mother died when she was 74, my aunt her sister when she was 76 and I will be 74 in September. So maybe I’m wasting my time. Can’t see into the future but genetics matter.

I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore my mind needs a break.

STOP is what I would say to my brain responsible for all this.

I shouldn’t post this here but since I’ve typed it all out HERE GOES

If your hearing loss calls for a power BTE (e.g. Naida, Enzo), a RIC (e.g. Audeo) may not meet your needs regardless of the manufacturer, chip, or price. If a RIC doesn’t work for you, cochlear implant candidacy still may not be an option until you try a BTE.

If your audiologist recommended a BTE (e.g. the Enzo), get a BTE. If she said that a RIC was totally fine with no reservation, then okay go for it. But if she recommended a BTE and you hesitated about the size and she offered a RIC with an ultra-power receiver as sort of a compromise. . . get the BTE, or at least make sure that you have the option of returning the RIC and getting a BTE if the RIC doesn’t improve things for you significantly.


Yeah it obvious your stressing out on all of this, you need to take a deep breath and take the advice given by both your audiologist and what @Neville has offered, honestly this is your best outcome bar CI, you won’t know exactly how you feel about your next purchase until you trial them, so just go for it and have no regrets about trying to improve your hearing loss.

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Maybe some future date i might make it past the audiologist if another cochlear evaluation.

Actually the first audiologist declared the Enzo was the way to go it was 2nd audiologist who recommended the Paradise and myself who asked about Lumity.

My previous attempt at cochlear it was 50/50. Thumbs up from the surgeon.

However Audiologist trumps Surgeon with a thumbs down.

DO NOT PASS GO, DO NOT COLLECT $200 ! Or maybe as alternative I could TAKE A RIDE on the READING…

@Zebras That is interesting. It’s been a while since I messed about with the fitting formula. Our audiograms are similar (mine is a bit worse I think), so I might give that a go.

But the Naida is available on the Paradise chip, just ultra-power instead of super-power. Was she recommending a RIC, or a BTE?

The VA did REM one time. The current programming wasn’t done using REM. I don’t know if REM is really effective when using frequency lowering technology. When I asked the VA Audiologist about that, I didn’t get an answer. Frequency lowering is the only thing that has helped me. Just jacking up the gain to overcome my loss didn’t work at all. The sound was just so loud, I couldn’t stand it. That is another issue I have. I can’t stand loud sounds. Anything above 85 dB is uncomfortable for me. Aids that use Sound Recover 2 will help with speech. Mine do to some extent in some cases. It makes people have a very pronounced sibilance and lisp. You have to get used to that. As long as the environment isn’t causing its own problems, then it does help quite a bit in understanding speech. If I stream TV to my aids, I can now listen to content without using subtitles, but I have gotten hooked on them and won’t watch anything that doesn’t have them.
I think the P90Rs are good aids, and will likely help most folks. I am just the outlier. I don’t think any aid is really effective in a noisy environment.


i can empathize with your sensitivity to loud noises.
I have a similar problem when my dog, sitting beside me on the sofa, suddenly goes barking a mere 2 or 3 inches from my ear. “Do you have to do that”? I sometimes ask but so far she’s offering no explanation.


Yeah that’s a novel idea. Can you send a link for target software. I have the same frustration audiologists.

I had issues with my P90R’s and scheduled a visit with my audiologist. The HA’s are about 1-1/2 years old.

Got there early, by mistake. Sat waiting. I was about 8 feet from his receptionist, who was talking to clients and on the phone. I couldn’t hear a thing.

  • Started the myPhonak app
  • P90 R’s in auto (calm environment)
  • Adjusted Dynamic in the PP; turned on Clarity too
  • I could hear!

I saved this as a new program.


  • Looked at the settings
  • Called Phonak Canada (Sonova) while I was there
  • He changed settings through the Auto program.

It’s so much better! Perhaps not loud enough…I keep boosting volume on my hearing aids virtually every day.

I’m able to leave my HA’s in AUTO! It’s wonderful.

Was in a very noisy restaurant with friends. HA’s worked.