Problem with agil pro

I am test driving the agil pro. This is my third pair because every pair causes my cell phone to drop calls. I like the size and I like the sound quality but the cell phone issue is really annoying for such an expensive instrument. Six phones, and three pairs of HAs later, I am still having this difficulty. Thoughts anyone?

Cross-posting on three forums isn’t very sociable; just saying.

I have just ordered Agil Pro. I would like to know what cell phone you are using (brand) and what phone service.

Are you using your cell phone via a bluetooth streamer? or directly?

Does it occur in a particular location with lots of competing RF devices?

make sure you have the streamer upgrade 1.4

I have problem with my Nokia smart phone, but cheapest Samsung with bt worked flawlessly.
Best you can do is to pick up phone from recommended list.

Recommended mobile phones:

List of Incompatibility: