Problem Phonak Naida Marvel M70 SP

Yesterday they put me the Phonak Naida Marvel M70 SP, and I had problems. The hearing aid is the same one I’ve been with my whole life, but it works with Widex, as I had problems with Widex … I decided not to continue the brand after 23 years due to the bitterness of the devices that changed me three times in six months due to problems of humidity (the tube of the mold is counted, and this puts it to the apparatus and it dies). Well, I notice that the Phonak Naida Marvel M70 SP the sound is more or less the same as the Widex Evoke BTE 13D (the problem that I had to cancel the sale), I notice that with the Phonak I can hear better, I can hear everything I gesture the tongue, it’s incredible, even the saliva. Well, the thing is when I went out to the street to a noisy environment … started making weird noises like rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr And all the while. It’s annoying, when I got in the car, I also made those rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Overall, I ate in a restaurant, and it was still going on too. In the end, I had to go to the hearing aid again, and he doesn’t know why (this hearing aid works more with the Widex than Phonak, although the configuration has nailed it the first time). Is it normal or is it not normal those rrrrrrrr, ronoreo? I have left the Phonak there, and he will talk to the central to see what happens, the audiotetic also notices those strange noises. If not, then I’ll have to go to Widex. He has looked at me a possible Widex Evoke RIC 312D or a Super440, I have a loss of 115 dB. And what do you think can be owed those rrrrrrrs in Phonak? I’ve tried switching to the restaurant, music, and autosense program. And all of them, I kept getting those rrrrrrrr.

Maybe @Um_bongo or @Neville could comment on this.

I suspect clipping from MPO.

Hrm. I’m not super clear on what is going on here. Is this problem the same or different than the Widex problem?

If the audiologist cannot hear anything wrong with the device, I would expect that it is some sort of interaction between the gain settings and the profound hearing loss and may require some detective work. I’ve fit a few Naida SP M BTEs and this does not sound like a standard complaint.

To narrow down what is causing the problem, it would be helpful for the provider to know exactly what situations were causing it, and it would be more helpful if the problem could be re-created during adjustments, either by bringing a sound that initiates it into the clinic, or doing a remote programming session in the problematic environment.

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