Price - NuEar versus Starkey?

The audiologist is suggesting NuEar Look Premier RIC. My hearing benefit plan does not carry NuEar, but does carry Starkey. Audiologist says that the comparable Starkey unit is Wi i110 or i90.

Here is my question - all things being equal, should there be any price difference between NuEar and Starkey for the comparable product?

I need to know this in order to figure out how to best use my insurance benefit. It may make more sense for me to go with the NuEar and them seek reimbursement from my insurance, rather than use the benefit plan, which would save me several thousand out-of-pocket dollars upfront.

I am just trying to compare costs so I can make the best decision. Money is a factor and not having to shell out in advance would be a big help.

Thanks for any info you can give me.

The hearing aids are identical. However, if you buy a non-Starkey (Nu Ear / Audibel / Micro Tech) aid then it is ‘locked’ so that only that brand can program your aids. Starkey is not locked at all, so anyone can program your aids. So in future you have a wider range of places you could go to get an adjustment or firmware update.

There shouldn’t be much price difference between the 90 and the 110, haggle and try to get the 110 for as close to the 90 price as you can. It adds a bunch of extra features, and if you are already that close to top of the line, it’s worth a few hundred more to get it.

Oh, and back to your question, any price difference between them is going to be down to whatever specific agreement the hearing aid center has with Starkey. If they are a long term, high volume, exclusive office, their cost prices will be less. But it doesn’t follow that one brand should be cheaper than the other. As far as I am aware, the lowest cost price is about the same across all Starkey brands. And if not the same, it should be in the same ball park.

My professional used who carry all the Starkey brands. According to the price list he gave me, the comparable models were identically priced.