Prevent Bluetooth Switching

Hi! I have a pair of Livio AI 2400 aids and I’m trying to solve a bluetooth issue with my Android Pixel. My issue is that when my phone is connected to another bluetooth device it will randomly switch to my aids. Two most prominent examples:

  1. I am playing music through my phone to my bluetooth speaker outside, I go inside for something and when I return (and my aids are back within range of my phone) the audio switches from the speaker to my aids.
  2. I am driving and listening to audio from my phone playing through my car speakers via bluetooth and then randomly (usually after a good 20 minutes or so, but sometimes sooner) the audio switches to my aids.

I had contacted Starkey’s website chat and they insist that this is an Android audio routing issue, but I have never had it happen the opposite way (ex: listening on my aids and then walking into a room with a bluetooth speaker on and previously paired and the audio switching to the speaker).

Does anyone have any idea how I can prevent this switching without unpairing my aids each and every time?

It is.
I have Oticon Mores and Pixel phone. ASHA works great, but if I connect my Bluetooth DAC/Amp, and go for a walk with my in ear monitors, when I return home, before I even open the front door, the HAs grab the BT connection!
Since I’m not wearing the HAs, I have to turn them off before I go!
Same issue in the car, but need them on.
My Oticon streamer also gets overruled by the ASHA connection, so no hands free phone calls!

It’s a PITA.
I’ve got no solution, either.

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Yeah. I’ve come the conclusion the routing has expectations and priorities set up that we can’t change. They may be based on logic, common sense, best practices, or do least harm, but they don’t fit every scenario.

What would be better is to chose default, routing template(s), or self-learning “go back to like it was” options.

Ah, maybe some day!

Waiting for LE Audio is the answer.
Meantime, you’re right, we should be able to choose from a template.