Pretty Hearing Aid Cases

Hi everyone!

I was surfing around the internet looking for hearing aid cases and I found a product I had never seen before. Unlike most boring looking cases these are really fashionable. Here is the company’s website:

I ordered the Groovy Blue case. I can’t wait until it gets here!

Joan Smith

I think some people might come to the wrong conclusion if I carried my hearing aids around in one of those.

Oh Hask12, you don’t want to carry around a Groovy Blue “purse” to protect your HAs? :rolleyes:
Personally, I carry my HAs in/on my ears. And put them in a safe place at night.

BTW, I don’t think she happened across that website. Notice she’ a new member…and she’s posted the same thing on several sites. Not to say the site isn’t legit …

The site is actually legit. We order a few dozen of them a month for our customers. I just wish they would come out with a mens case at some point. Hopefully the person who started this topic will take note, haha :slight_smile:

This same exact post is also listed on the ALLDEAF forum, and although the site may be legit this is nothing more than an advertisement for the product. Also when I’m not wearing my aids and am storing them somewhere I like them to be protected from damage. I don’t see how a cloth bag will protect them from anything except maybe sunlight.

The site does not describe their products other than color and price. Nothing about size, protective features for aids (if any), etc. Looked to me like somebody got a D- in Marketing 101.

This seems pretty useless - it’s basically a pretty make-up case. Cheap and easy to make yourself if you’re crafty… I think I might have even seen a similar looking case at the dollar store. Hearing aid cases need to be hard cases to prevent the aids from being crushed or twisted.

Protective cases I have used for my “ear gear” (HAs, wires, DAI boots, etc):
small camera cases
small tin boxes - like the gift card boxes you see in the checkout line
long tin boxes

I’ve have ReSound Alera that comes with a really nice small hardshell case. Why would I use it? I have taken it with me when I travel but still, I didn’t use it. I just put the HAs on the night stand when I sleep.

I can see putting it in a special HA dryer if moisture is a problem, but it is not with me. Am I doing something wrong? Why would I want to take them off during the day even though I have mild hearing loss?

A hardshell case is nice to have for the times you take your aids out, such as overnight. It protects them from becoming pet snacks or from being knocked off onto the floor inadvertently (restless sleeper, tossing blankets, etc). Tile floors are really hard on hearing aids. The only reason I might take my aids off during the day would be to go swimming or something. And even then, a flimsy cloth bag is NOT the way to go!

My ReSound Be HA’s came with a very pretty little case that holds the devices securely with the battery doors open.

However, I now only use it when travelling; when I’m at home I simply drop them in an old caviar jar with a microfibre cloth in the bottom as a cushion, and a couple of sachets of silica-gel crystals to dehumidify the container.

You can buy those sachets in bulk very cheaply from any number of suppliers online, and they’re great for littering through toolbooxes to prevent rusting.

" dry box " is the the best place to store your heairing aids when not wearing them