Pressure in ear canal from hearing aids

Hi, I got new phonak naida p-70’s. The new ear molds have vents, but theres lots of feedback with them. I have never had vents before. When I use my old earmolds without vents I get a build up of pressure. Is there any frquency I can adjust to get rid of the pressure is anyone aware? Ive never had pressure of any sort in my life with any other aids before. If I reduce the gain, I can’t hear well. I’m at a loss for words here.

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My ear molds don’t have vents and haven’t for probably 20 years. The worse the hearing loss the more likely that vents will create feedback. Looking back when I first started wearing molds without vents there was that stuffy feeling. I remember sliding the molds in and out several times which seemed to help somewhat. But realistically it was time that made that stuffy feeling go away. Now I don’t even notice it. I also use a product called miracell which I put on the molds. If nothing else they let the molds slide easier into the ears which helps reduce that overwhelming clogged feeling. But like I said. Time was really the thing that helped me get used to it


Have the mold checked that there is enough venting my has a vet that closes and that sum times get cloged. Also check out the vet gaurd of it has one it could be plugged as as the vent. Some people link my have lots of wax and need to clean them regularly. Good luck

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I’ve worn hearing aids my whole life and never seen “vents” before. There’s a major loss of quality with the vents. Even with the vents I’m having pressure I’m the ear canal. If I wear them long enough, my right ear starts to hurt. Do I muscle thru and I will get used to it? I don’t want to damage the hearing I do have so I wore my old aids for a week and right off the rip today I tried the new aids with vents and my ear is hurting. I’ve never had pressure before.

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Yeah @hass5744, I am the same as you, no vents for years, my private A.uD, had 3 attempts at making new molds, hypoallergenic ones, so I couldn’t sand them down, I did that with the first set and my ears started swelling up, I must have removed the nano hypoallergenic coating? 3rd set fitted fine, but then I noticed, ffs they have put 2mm vents in each mold! Didn’t have the heart to ask the A.uD to make them again, so I plugged the vents up with Blu-Tac, that worked fine…. Cheers Kev :grin:

Molds should not cause pain vented or not. That’s a different issue and has more to do with the mold not fitting properly. Although that usually results in feedback. I have a problem where I don’t have a lot of room behind my ears. Do the combination of the mold in the ear and the fat aid I needed pushed the ear over the mold causing extreme discomfort. But that problem has pretty much gone away because aids have become much thinner over time. I just mentioned this just in case

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The pain is coming from the pressure in the ear. When I take the new aids out, and put my old aids in, with either molds, the pain subsides after a few days. But as soon as I put the new aids back in with either the vented or non vented aids the pain comes back from the pressure of the aids.

The vented molds create lots of feedback, the non vented mold sound better. I get pressure with either mold.

I’ve never experienced pressure in my ear canals ever in my life, this is a first. I’ve tried all formulas, the levels I need create pressure. I wonder where the pressure is coming from??? I’ve worn hearing aids daily since I was 2 and I’m 38 now, never had pressure before. And if I wear them long enough eventually it becomes painful and I don’t want to damage my drums.

I don’t care if they are vented or not, I just want them to work. So far non vented sound better. The vented have a lot of feedback. But both have tremendous pressure

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What’s your experience been with domes?

Never had a done before. I’ve only had earmolds without vents my whole life. This is the first such time I have ever seen a mold with a vent. I’m not sure I know what a dome is. Isn’t that a receiver in canal?

They’re soft rubberish shaped…well domes, or caps that fit over the speakers of the HA’s. they’re inserted into the canal just like a mould, but are far more soft. Many find them to be more comfortable. But they’[re probably not appropriate for you or they would have been tried. No harm asking an auid about them.

Maybe see an ent to talk about the pressure in your ears with the unvented mold? If you are experiencing the pressure issues, if you experience a lot of congestion in general then you might need the vent, in which case you’ll only be able to get so much amplification before feedback. I’m not sure how much can be done to help you

I just had ears checked by ent before getting new aids. I’m not having this issue with old aids and mold. Only with the new aids with either vented or invented molds. Something with the aids, can’t figure out what.

An audiogram would help

I got 4 different audiograms within the last 6 months from different clinicians. They are all different. The audiogram direct on target seems to be the best sounding. Obviously something has changed with their power delivery on target. When I import my old audiogram and setting from previous aids they are no where near what the old aids sound like.

I meant posting an audiogram would help

That might be just a simple, your brain needs to get used to the new hearing aids?

All hearing aids will sound different due to it being different / newer technology?

Rather then just entering your old audiogram, have you actually transferred the settings across?

The request for the audiogram was to see if he can use vented ear molds

Those are the current settings. I did import the settings from old hearing aids, but they are hot, so i brought the mpo’s down and the gains. But they still sound awful. I have over 500 logged sessions on target and everything sounds like junk. I’m ready to just throw these things away. I would think the new aids should sound as good, if not better than old ones. But my experience with digital aids it every generation becomes dumber and worse sounding. I’m annoyed with audiologist, the manufacturers and hearing aids. I had high hopes of being able to regain my social life since the last pair of aids diminished that, and now my social life has only diminished more so with these new ones. I can’t even wear these when I am alone in my house, they are awful. I don’t know what gives, this is supposed to be America, the best healthcare in the world, what a load of rubbish. I spent $4k on garbage. Sad part is I don’t even want to go return these things because seeing the audi is worse than buying a car from a dealership, I just feel like dirt and sludge when I leave there, totally aware of being disappointed before even exiting the door.

I noticed your a long way from hitting your feedback thresholds in the lower frequencies, seems you’d want to lift some gain here, but possibly you have some recruitment problems, also why are you using SoundRecover, shifting those higher frequencies on a reverse slope?
What formula are you using, this would make quite a difference to how they sound.
Your best to start fresh and from scratch, the thing is to know exactly what /how to fit and adjust your HAs including how to use target software to overcome your loss, there’s a manual you can download, also l have found a few online courses to be helpful

Don’t give up just yet, you may have to try and find a different Audiology clinic to help you.