Possible online seller?

Has anyone heard of hearingaids.co or Stamar 2013 LTE? I believe they have phonak conversion kits but unless you are in Bulgaria,Switzerland,Macedonia, or Spain you can’t purchase it seems.

Yes, I also found them online. They are the Eastern European Phonak agents. I have tried to email them but no response.

Have they ever responded? I don’t think I’ve seen another seller of phonak products that has so many. @Gilbert

I would quite honestly pay some to be able to get parts😅 my audiologist talked with a phonak rep while I was in office and the rep was so confused at how they still had all the discontinued Colors still on the phonak website because they should have been taken off🤷🏼. It would be helpful to a lot of people to be able to buy parts from a reputable seller if they are doing DIY too.

I will try again and see if I can a response from them.

I’ve looked through their website and it says everything is “In Stock” but when you go onto the product page it lists everything at “Out of Stock” along with no prices but it’s more then I’ve seen from anywhere else.

I’m assuming to be able to get any products someone from one of the countries they ship to would have to make an account.

I’m in one of these countries. Just registered for an account, but stll get the “out of stock” for every item. Maybe they have to confirm the registration manually. I’ll see what happens im a few days

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Thanks for the info, I’m guessing the site is probably also old then. Maybe they truly don’t have anything? @sterei

Yeah, I think so. I can’t even log in with my newly created account. I get the respond: account has been deactivated…

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My best guess if you can’t log in at all would be they are not functioning still. Phonak still lists them on the website but maybe the website is no longer running. @sterei I found one product that says 35 in stock which is the drying tablets at the bottom of the home screen but that is the only ting I’ve found so far.

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Any updates so far on the email response?

No, I still get the respond “Your account has been disabled” when I try to log in. I didn’t send an email.
Hoever, I think the site is not active anymore.

That’s disappointing but understandable. @sterei i was expecting that it wasn’t exactly active anymore.

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Hi All,

I’ve got many Phonak models available for sale in Estonia and the United Kingdom if it helps.

Let me know

Happy to help

@DeafAntifa @Gilbert @sterei

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