Possible link to ringing in the ears

Hi, I am new here because I am researching why my ears suddenly started ringing and the noise would not go away. It is upsetting to me because I am a healthy woman in my mid 30’s. When I read that there is no cure I became devistated thinking I CANNOT live with this the rest of my life. I have 5 children who depend on my sanity to care for them.

What I have done so far is go to the chiropractor thinking my neck was out. I went to the doctor to express my concerns only to be told I may of had a inner ear infection resulting in some damage that it will go away. I’m getting ready to call the dentist so he can examine to see if I have any upper tooth infection that I may not be feeling in my jaw area.

I have not been exposed to any loud noises or experienced any ear infections. All of this stuff on the internet that claims to be the cause is not related to me. So I’m thinking what in the world is going on. I’m trying to go back in my life 2 weeks ago and pin point when and where and how and why this would have started.

I did learn that exposure to carbon monoxide can cause this. Anyone with a gas stove or kerosene heater in their home or going to the garage with your car running to get warm in this cold weather can cause ringing in the ears. Anyone for whatever reason may have started smoking alot more then usually because of stress in their life could be overdosing themselves with carbon monoxide.

I have also found out that lots of stress in your life can cause ringing in your ears like the article I found at The Root of Ear Problems in Adults which I found very interesting because right about the time I started having ringing in my ears we started a new business that I poured every last dime into hoping to not lose my butt and it become a profitable business. Since the business has started I have been bound to the house unable to have my own time to do anything which become very stressful because I am not one to feel “trapped” anywhere.

I hope this little bit of information helps someone out there. I will be working on relaxing techniques and I will check back in a couple of weeks to let you know if my ringing stopped.

Well, I have had tinnitius for more than ten years (with and without stress) and gave up on any medical relief. Then, after getting hearing aids, my tinnitius disappearedl I don’t know why and I certainly don’t expect that anyone else will have my same experience but now, after 6 months with hearing aids, I just don’t have any more ringing in the ears - whether or not I’m wearing them. I didn’t expect this result and, frankly, don’t understand it all…:confused:

Except for rare occasions lasting 5-30 seconds, my tinnitus also ceased after I began wearing HAs almost 20-years ago.

hearing instruments may help with tinnitus—

there are a few more options to those who suffer from tinnitus AND hearing loss (when a hearing aid alone doesn’t help)—

The widex zen and the resound live ts9

They are maskers and hearing aids in one.

Have you considered your tinnitus could be a response to something you are doing.
When I take Ibuprofen my Tinnitus starts up and goes on till it’s pretty much out of my system. I have often wondered if/ how there is a connection between foods like Caffiene drinks, allergy or medications. It might be worth considering if as you say you are healthy, have no hearing loss etc.

I have a friend with Menieres who has been told to stay away from Alcohol, excess salt, Caffiene. Is there a connection between food/ Medication etc. and what goes on in our ears?

I am one that I have had the ringing in my ears for about 30 years. I got hearing aids about 5 years ago and that has only helped me hear better. My ringing in the ears is 24 hours a day 7 days a week and hearing aids only make it a little less noticable.
I have tried doing without caffiene no help, I have issues with my blood pressure so I use no salt as much as possible. My ringing sees to be tied to my time in the Navy.
and the VA takes care of my aids.
I have learned to not pay attention to the ringing and go on with life. At night to sleep I use a sound machine and have it set to white noise. Which for the most part matches what I hear all of the time.


Dr. Angela B. Pearson, Audiologist will present a free community class on the evaluation and treatment of Tinnitus Ringing of the Ears on Tuesday, Jan 27th from 5:30pm - 6:30pm. To save your seat, call 800-483-6385.

Absolutely! Our inner ears rely heavily on a very sensitive chemical balance of potassium and sodium. When this balance is disrupted, the result can be ringing, fullness or pressure in the ears, hearing loss, vertigo or a combo of these symptoms. This is why your friend with Meniere’s Disease has been told to avoid these things. Meniere’s disease, or endolymphatic hydrops, is a disruption of the chemical balance. The other thing that I recommend to my patients with Meniere’s like symptoms is to watch how much sleep they are getting. Tons of research has shown that a lack of sleep and increased anxiety or stress will make tinnitus worse.

Now, eliminating stress (who the heck can do that?) does NOT make tinnitus disappear, but greatly reduces the level of it. In fact, anxiety and tinnitus are grossly intertwined. Many patients with tinnitus are already stressed, then the tinnitus stresses them out more, as the level of tinnitus thus increses - so does their anxiety…and their tinnitus - see what I mean? Many of my patients take anti-anxiety meds, such as an extremely low dose of valium to cut the stress off at the pass, and avoid the increase in tinnitus altogether. I also highly recommend a relaxing art - such as Thai Chi. It can help greatly.

There are other causes of tinnitus of course - noise exposure or wax in the ears. Wax should simply be removed. But decreasing stress can even help tinnitus from noise exposure.

Good luck!

dr. amy

My Tinnitus reduced greatly just by removing the wax in my ears. I regularly use a soft irrigating bulb in the shower and clean out my ears. There is a bunch of information but the Dr.'s advice seems sound. The Tai Chi is a great idea for relaxation as is yoga and simple breathing exercises for meditation. Even if it doesn’t completely cure Tinnitus you will be more calm and relaxed/ less stressed, that’s a good thing. My journey continues.

At least one study at Georgetown University Medical Center neuroscientist Josef P. Rauschecker suggests that the ringing sensation associated with Tinnitus comes from your brain and not your ears. Using brain scans he discovered indications that some defect in the Limbic system causes the brain to erroneously compensate for the lack of sound input by sort of turning up the volume, resulting in the ringing sound, he believes that phantom pains experienced by amputee patients may be caused by the same mechanism.

If a hearing aid restores normal input levels to the brain, it might make sense that it would stop this overcompensation. Reports of stress causing tinnitus may have to do with some general imbalance in a stressed brain effecting the limbic system. (Sorry my recollections are not more complete)

last two days i am hearing ringing in my years i afraid its the symptoms of Tinnitus :mad:…

Ringing in the ears is tinnitus.
You should see a physician for it to make sure it’s not a symptom of some other problem. Has your hearing decreased along with the tinnitus? Do you also feel dizzy? Any sudden changes in your ear/hearing should be evaluated as soon as possible by an ENT.

Looks like…

to me…:wink:

I’ve had Tinnitus since I was about 7, aged 42 now, from when I suffered severe high frequency hearing loss in my left ear and mild/moderate in my right. (don’t ask me how, but I just found an audio gram from nearly 25 years ago and it’s only slightly better than one I had two months ago.

About 8 months ago I had some personal issues that sent me over the top, with panic attacks and everything else. Since then I have had much more significant problems with the tinnitus. I am sure it could be a coincidence, but the optimist in me hopes not and that it will reduce again at some point.