Pioneering Drug Development for Hearing Loss with Dr. Jonathan Kil [TWiH video]

For those with some time on their hands. I found the subject matter interesting but I was more interested in watching Dr. Kil discuss his company’s work for over 30 minutes with only a few questions from the presenter at the very end. A well-ordered mind. If you want to cut to the chase, he’s confident that they can get FDA approval for a treatment for Meniere’s by the end of next year. They are already into the pivotal Phase 3 trial.

He started the company over 20 years ago and they’re still at it. I think that’s impressive. Contrast with Frequency Therapeutics who made a lot of noise and were gone within a few years.

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Yeah but putting my ears in the hands of someone called Dr Kil…:sweat_smile:

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Probably why he stopped being a clinician and got into research.