Pilots with Hearing Aids


Hi, I am a small plane pilot (Cessna 172). Are there any other pilots on the forum who can give me info about plane intercoms equipped with MFI (preferred) or with Bluetooth?


No experience of wireless devices in that respect. Flown Cessna 152 with good old David Clarke headset.

Not sure what the legislation is regarding MFI in aircraft. Secondly, wouldn’t like anything wireless in that regard due to the potential for it to fail.

I suspect it would be a retrofit as most of the planes are old. Perhaps look on some of the aviation communications manufacturers sites.


Deaf pilots who can not hear radio are restricted to airports with no traffic control tower.


When you use your David Clarke’s, do you use them over your hearing aids?


I’m not totally deaf. When I got by Medical Certificate (two years ago) I was approved with no restrictions. Anyway I prefer smaller (non-controlled) fields anyway, but thanks for the input.


Just used them as is. The noise attenuation is quite good. They are roomy tho. so no problems fitting anything underneath. You can set the volume to whatever is comfortable.

They’re Model 10-13.4.

The medical requirements are basically the ability to use a radio. The AME will say words and you repeat them back.

Also in the UK, there is the NPPL with the same medical requirements as the Class 2 HGV.