Pillow to assist sleeping on side while wearing HA


I have what I think is an unusual question. I need a pillow with a hole or recess where I can lay on my side and still wear my BTE HA. I have to listen for an elderly parent who tries to get up in the dark. If I lay on my back, I snore and my HA will amplify that and wake me up. If I lay on my side I don’t snore but the pressure of my head on the HA is quite uncomfortable.

Does anybody know of a pillow with a hole or recess or depression that can support a head and suspend the ear with the HA in it?


:smile: pillow with hole! Simply use baby monitor and lamps with infrared motion sensors - and voila!



This pillow is made for people with glasses but my friend with a BAHA uses it as well and she says it really works.


omg, that’s freaking perfect, as I wear glasses too. where oh where do I get one of those?


Google Image search result:


Yep I just typed in glasses pillow in to google. You should then be able to find the cheapest place.


There are a couple of different hearing aid pillows out there but be warned, I have not found any of them particularly successful. Probably the best options I have found so far are the open U shaped small travel pillows with a clip to keep the U from splaying too much. I tried an expensive hearing aid pillow which I had to import from the USA but it really was not that comfortable. I would suggest trying the travel pillow first as they are cheaper. I didn’t like the ones with beads inside either as they just weren’t easy to retain a comfortable position. Avoid the round donut shaped ones as they don’t allow the sound in well.


Where do I get a mattress with a face hole so that I can sleep on my stomach without wrenching my neck…


I believe that is called a massage table. :smile:



I had a similar problem as I recently started sleeping with noise cancelling headphones, they are huge, and I was thinking of making a pillow to fit them.

As I have gotten older I prefer very small pillows, anything that raises my head when I sleep on my back causes me to snort and wakes me up. Sounds like you have a similar issue.

I had taken to using a folded towel as a pillow, was great for travel too, hotels always provide towels.

But a towel has no give, the headphones were impossible with that system.

But I had some memory foam laying around, from a mattress topper (2" thick 5 lb genuine polyurethane viscoelastic memory foam), I cut a pillow-sized piece out of it and it worked perfectly, no mods necessary., I just sink right into it.

A chunk of that stuff is $80ish from Amazon - twin bed 2" thick. If you like thicker pillows, try a 3" thick version. Avoid the gel-infused stuff.


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