Phonak vs Bernafon

It’s been a couple of days now and I have to say so far the Bernafon Zerena is the clearest and pretty much free of background static of the two I’m testing. The Phonaks seem to have a lot of background static, but they do have great feedback control.

As of today the Bernafon Zerena is winning, but the big test is this week at the local high school.

Unfortunately, one of the Bernafons aids has a severe feedback issue unless I turn the volume down low using the remote I bought. I hope Costco can fix it as I’m really liking the Zerena so far.

The other issue is that only one of the aids seems to be pairing with the Bernafon app. Since both aids show up as having the same name, I’m wondering if that’s issue. Sadly, the Costco fitter isn’t familiar with the Bernafon brand so that may be a problem. He was pushing the ReSounds that he uses.

I have had the Zerena for only 4 days but so far I like it better than the Brio2 that I had previously. I am not sure what you mean when you say that both aids show up with the same name in the Bernafon app. In the app it shows my name and both L and R and the Zerena 9 miniRITE.

I am still getting used to them and there is some adjusting yet to do. For one thing in the Converstation in Noise I get feed back in the left aid. I don’t know how many programs are available but I have Conversation in Noise, Comfort in Loud Noise, Auditorium (T), iPhone mic and Dynamic which I believe is the standard program. I know there is a music program and maybe others. If you happen to know, tell me what they are.

Due to my hearing loss I am stuck with the closed domes otherwise I am told I will not be able to control feedback because the boost is so high or something to that effect. I cannot really see if I even have a small vent in the domes but I didn’t think they were power domes.

I pretty much use the Dynamic setting at -1. Is is a little sharp but we have high ceilings and perhaps it needs to be adjusted. That was also the case with my Brio 2’s. I know it is early and I am still getting used to them so maybe things will smooth out in a couple of weeks.

Well the Phonaks failed badly at the high school. They pretty much shut down to the point where I had to take off the left HA that was facing the hallway with a bunch of students walking by and talking.

The Zerenas never shut down, but they could use a more directional focus. The right HA, Zerena with an open dome has a very large feedback issue at the higher volume levels when my hand gets too close to my ear. The left HA has what I would consider a normal feedback issue with my hand.

I’m returning the Phonaks and then ordering the ReSounds and will test them and keep the better of the two.