Phonak Virto Paradise P-312

I noticed that Phonak Virto Paradise P-312 is available as half-shell or full-shell product. Could someone explain if I can just choose which version I prefer or is it somehow depends from, I don’t know, shape of the ear canal or other technical stuff?

It does depend on your ears (size and shape).

The smaller Virto don’t have Bluetooth as well so be aware.

I know about smaller sizes of Virto NW. I’m asking specifically about Virto P-312 with bluetooth. Thanks for advice.


This is the answer to your question.

I just read that full-shell version is used with UP receiver. Ok, thanks again.

I’m not familiar with the aids but usually the bigger the aid the more bells and whistles. For instance the full shell may have directional microphones while the half doesn’t. Or as was previously stated, Bluetooth vs no Bluetooth.

Supposed to be a new Virto coming out soon, Lumity & rechargeable. I’m on the waiting list.

I’m afraid this could be a long, long waiting. Virto Paradise was announced February of 2022. And a Paradise line itself was presented at the end of 2020. This means that there was a 1,5-year gap between RIC and ITE model appearances on the market.

Unless, of course, you have reliable inside information - if so, please share it :slight_smile: I’m going to my audi soon and I could wait 2-3 months (but definitely not a year or more) for new Virto line.

I believe that I do have reliable information, from a Phonak rep, that it is coming. But I don’t know the time line. I have been tracking this and was told a while ago that the rechargeable was in development. The last time I asked I was told the delay was because they were waiting for a new platform. So, while I am hoping for a release in the next few months you may be correct and it may be a while.

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