Phonak TV Connector too Loud

I have Phonak Audeo B hearing aids (love them) from Costco and the Phonak TV Connector. The connector works well but is wayyyy too loud so I end up moving the balance all the way to the left on the Phonak app. This works to bring the TV volume down but the surrounding sounds of the room end up being too loud. If I simply turn the hearing aid volume down I miss the room sounds (conversations of family etc.)
Does any-one know if the TV connector volume can be adjusted by an Audi (wish they would have made these with a volume control on the actual unit :slight_smile: )

Does your TV connector have a volume control on it?

The ambient sounds and TV sound can biased more or less in the Target software.

No, it doesn’t have a volume control on it.

Roy, I have the Kirkland version, and it has a volume control on the unit. Looks like the current Phonak version does also (link below, with picture). Actually, they look identical. On mine, which I use for my KS-9s, lowering the volume on the Connector itself, versus the app, rectifies the problem you describe. Maybe yours is an older unit which doesn’t have those controls. If so, that’s unfortunate.

Thanks Mike - that would do the trick. I bought mine through Costco as well, so it must be the older model :frowning:
My Costco here ( western Canada) says they don’t have the current model - do you live in the U.S. ?

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You might try looking on eBay to find the newer TV streamer at an affordable price. My Phonak TV streaming box has a volume control on it. My HA’s are Phonak Marvel M-50R’s.

Or maybe you could try this:
Using Phonak Audéo B -Direct Bluetooth wireless hearing aids there are 2 ways to change the volume of a phone call: Using the volume buttons on your mobile phone. To make the volume louder, use the push button on the right hearing aid. To make the volume softer, use the push button the on left hearing aid.

I know it says phone but you could at least try it with your TV streamer.

I found this on the internet:

Different audio sources can have different output volumes.

  • If your Phonak TV Connector is connected via the Toslink cable, adjust the volume of the television using the push buttons on your Phonak AudĂ©o B-Direct Bluetooth wireless hearing aids.
  • If your TV Connector is connected via the 3.5mm audio cable, adjust the volume of the television using the volume controls of the television.

Good luck and let us know if you find a solution.


Yes, Roy, I live in Virginia. Sorry yours doesn’t have the volume control. I wonder if a U.S Costco would ship you one.

Can they order you a new TV connector?

The Phonak tv link 2 works with the B line, and it has volume buttons on the unit.

You can find a Marvel TV connector on eBay for around $175 US Dollars. It has volume controls.

Thanks for the replies :slight_smile:

My wife has the KS9 aids. We bought her a TV connector to watch TV through her aids. It works great.
Recently I bought a set of Phonak Audeo M90RT aids, then pair up perfectly with the Costco TV connector, $99. These connectors also have volume control.

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I bought my TV connector from a Costco Centre in Toronto. It has volume control and works like a charm.