Phonak TV Connector to Bluetooth Earphones

If I put a Phonak TV Connector/Streamer on my TV to use with Audeo Marvels, will our bluetooth earphones also be able to connect. Does the streamer use regular old bluetooth?

The Phonak TV Connector uses proprietary technology, so no, regular old Bluetooth will no connect to it.

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Thanks for the info. Would a normal bluetooth tv transmitter work with the hearing aids or would there be a lot of latency?

That’s a variable question.
There could be a lot of latency or much less pending on the device.
Lots of information about this on the forum using the search function. I am no expert about this at all.

Thanks for the info Raudrive. I will research further. I think that I will buy the Phonak TV Connector but wanted to see if my wife could also use it with bluetooth earphones. Might have to invest in a optical splitter to use both.

I use an optical splitter for a soundbar and a TV Connector myself.
Works great.


I have the TV Connector, and it is the way to go with Marvels. I tried several different “Regular” bluetooth transmitters with my Marvels and all had considerable latency. There may well be a bluetooth transmitter out there that doesn’t have latency, but I have yet to find it. Using the TV Connector is supposed to use less hearing aid battery, but I haven’t been able to confirm that with use. I agree that using an optical splitter and feeding both the TV Connector and a bluetooth transmitter is probably the best solution. Both use the same frequency spectrum, so there is a possibility of interference, though with both using frequency hopping, there shouldn’t be.

You COULD go old school and use a wired connection for your wife’s headphones. No latency for either of you, then.