Phonak TV Connector Problem

I have one phonak tv connector at home - when I start the tv it works like a charm but after a min or two the sound is lost, then after a few seconds i here the double beep and the sound is reconnected, and so forth. Non-stop. Impossible to use it like that. I have checked connections, paired again, and nothing really helps. When the sound drops the light on the back of the connector blinks red or white.
Any help would be welcome!!!

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It seems that you have version 2.0 (only this has a white light).
Only V2 has buttons on the top. Is that the case?
Did you connect via analog cable (Headset Jack) or via optical cable (Toslink) to the TV?

The white light: indicates that the device is not receiving a signal. Maybe the signal is too low in between (e.g. when not talking). Then the device switches to standby and switches on again when the signal is stronger.
→ Use the optical connection (TOSLINK). This also gives the better sound quality.
→ If Toslink is not possible: Can you increase the volume output on the TV?

The red light: indicates that it is the wrong audio signal. Version 2.0 supports Dolby and Stereo, but not DTS
Applies only to Toslink connection:
→ try to change the audio output in the TV settings.


Thank you for the reply!
It is V2, and I am connecting via optical connection
The unit works perfectly ok for a few minutes or less, then it stops transmitting alltogheter for a few less than a minute, then it ‘reconnects’ with the same sound the hearing aids make when i put them on in the morning, and this goes on again and again - I am sitting 2 meters away from the tv, the wifi router is behind the tv and there is no other connector in the house.

I have tried numerous times to re-pair the hearing aids but nothing seems to be helping.

The Phonak TV Connector 2 doesn’t like Dolby DTS. Check the sound settings on your TV and make sure the audio output isn’t Dolby DTS. The audio on our TV should be set to PCM. You will know this is the issue if the TV Connector has a blinking red light.


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The wifi router could be the troublemaker. Can you try placing the TV connector further away from the WiFi router?

I had an issue with a WiFi Booster behind the TV and my TV Conmector V2.0

Moved it and solved the issue.

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Jordan, I switched my TV audio output from Auto (Not Dolby) to PCM and it looks as if this did the trick. The unit did have a blinking red light for sure.

Not sure why this PCM topic doesn’t show in any search not the Phonak Support site.
Thank you for your tip!!!

Glad to help. I actually just got a TV Connector V2 to test with my new Lumity Hearing aids. I was reading the manual while eating lunch and remember reading about DTS and the red light. This only happens with the optical link. If you had used an analog connection everything would have been fine.


Except that there may be an audio lag with the analog connection.

I see you have a Lumity. I am looking to upgrade. Is it a lot better than Paradise so far as ap and auto sensor? My main issues are hearing in noisy settings and hearing riders in right seat of car. I’d prefer batteries but they are not offered on Lumity. Any other tips you have noticed would be appreciated!